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Can Triple X Gia Be Too Shallow?


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We just bought a round stone (F color) with the following proportions and a triple X GIA cert:


Table: 59%

Depth: 59.3

Crown angle: 32

Crown percentage: 13%

Pavilion angle: 41.4

Pavilion percentage: 44%

Pavilion: 80%

Stars: 55%

thin to medium faceted girdle


I am worried that this stone is too shallow to truly be an ideal cut and the cut is what I am primarily interested in.  I am concerned that there is not enough scintillation and fire.  It is a large expensive stone that I could return.  I'd like an opinion based on these proportions.  I used the HCA chart even though I don't know how reliable that is and the results were a 2.7 with only good scintillation and very good light return and fire.  The spread was excellent.  I would love an opinion on this.



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To answer the question in the title of your thread: yes. However "too shallow" is also in the eye of the beholder; you have bought a stone that is likely to be quite bright and looking very large for its weight (just as the HCA predicts; quite a few people would probably like that, even though George, Garry Holloway and my good self would probably prefer something else.


If you don't like it, return it.

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Too shallow for whom?  GIA's 'excellent' cut grade covers a pretty broad range but somebody likes all of the proportions sets in it.  That's why it's so big.  The problem with this is that what you like may not match what someone else likes.  HCA is a stab at a solution to this by pointing towards what Garry likes but it has the same problem.  What if your taste is different from Garry's?  My taste is different for example, although I'll toss in that I too probably wouldn't choose the above.  Plan B involves the taste of the seller.  Obviously they have a conflict of interest but a good start is to ask them.  Presumably you trust them since you're buying from them.  In the end, you need to look at it.  If you don't like it, send it back.


An alternative approach is to go with an AGS graded stone.  That doesn't necessarily make it better but the 'look' of AGS-0 ideal cuts is a much narrower target and it's right around the most popular look.  If you see one at the store and you like it, you can be pretty confident that that's what the next one will look like (in terms of cutting).  You still need to look at it but you're going in with a lot fewer variables.  


Lastly, size matters.  A 0.25 doesn't look the same as a 5 carater of the same proportions.  

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