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Please Help Me! Engagement Ring


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Hello everyone,

sorry for the inconvenience but I have a serious doubt .
I want to give a diamond ring my girlfriend but given my financial situation , I decided to take a look on the internet .
I clicked on this ad ebay VS1 ROUND BRILLIANT DIAMOND RING + 14K WHITE GOLD ACCENTS 0:39 CT 4 Prongs TWIST COST :786 $ , granted to 472$ .
The first question I ask is , of course , but is it?
I saw the feedback and all are authentic and positive .
The seller (from Israel) told me that the prices are so low because they create jewelry and sell directly without reloading exaggerated as the jewelers .

I would like your opinion ... what do you think ?
He says that the value is 1200$ , color VS1 E ....

Thank you and sorry for the stupid questions , but I would really do this to her gift, obviously trying not to ruin .

Have a nice day !!!

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Whether it is a "good deal" depends on what you want - and perhaps even more importantly on what she wants.


It's very cheap, but from the photos it is impossible to say whether it looks nice and the diamond actually sparkles as opposed to just "sitting there".


The diamond has been treated by filling one or more cracks with glass, which (supposedly) makes it look better. Personally, I'd rather receive something else, but there are plenty of people that don't mind.


(BTW - from a couple of turns of phrase it sounds as if you are Italian; if you want to PM me in Italian, feel free!)

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It's probably a good enough price for what it is but there's simply not enough information in the ad to answer that. 


Is that center stone VS1?  No, at least not by the usual industry standards. 

Is it E?  Maybe, but I would guess not.  In general the grading standards on CE stones are pretty lax.

Is it really gold and are those really diamonds?  Maybe.  Probably.  That's 100% based on your confidence in the seller. 

Is it well made?  No clues, so again it goes back to your confidence in the seller. 

Is the ring you'll receive even the same one as what's in the photos?  Maybe.  They don't actually say and it's common on ebay to use 'sample' photos.

Will you girl friend love it?  Maybe.  Probably even.  That's going to depend on her.  You know her, we don't. 


The $1200 'value' is nonsense.

The so-called regular price and the claimed discount are nonsense.

The claim that they're a great deal because they make it themselves is irrelevant.  There's nothing wrong with in-house manufacturing but it's not really an advantage either. 

The fact that they're in Israel is a problem, not a feature (unless you also are in Israel).

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Just to elaborate a bit... the reason why Israel (or any location/country beside the one where you live) is a problem is that:


1. Unless you are in Israel, any claims, returns, controversies are more difficult to resolve.

2. Custom duties and taxes get in the way - not just financially, but time-wise too (it can take weeks or even months to move packages out of customs if the seller does not fill in documentation properly).


Essentially, it all boils down to whether you can trust the seller... on describing the goods fairly, on keeping their promises if you don't like them, and on knowing what to do with the paperwork.

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