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Is This A Good Deal, Selection? 1.51 Ct Round


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Hello, I have read through this forum for advice on selecting a diamond for an engagement ring, it has been very helpful, and I am now ready to make a purchase. 

Would you please provide your opinion on pricing for a particular diamond? I debated buying one online and then having it set locally, however decided that ultimately I want a relationship with a local jeweler for the whole package. They claim to be a direct diamond importer and seem to have a price much better than the other jewelers in the area and comparable with online retailers such as James Allen and Blue Nile. 

Shape: Round Brilliant
Size: 1.51 ct. 
Cut: Triple Excellent - cut grade, symmetry, polish
Color: G
Clarity: SI-1
Lab: GIA
Fluorescence: Medium Blue

The GIA # is 2165168035 if you would like to take a look at the plot. I viewed it in person through a loupe, under a microscope, and outside. It appears beautiful, however this is my first diamond purchase so I do not have a trained eye. Although an SI-1, it appeared cleaner than other SI-1's and VS-2's they showed me. Also the GIA plot shows far fewer inclusions than other SI-1's and many VS-2's that I looked at online. I am actually not sure why it is even an SI-1. 

The price quoted was $12,800 before tax. What are your thoughts on this? I currently have it held with a deposit and am trying to decide whether to finalize the deal. Also, any advice on making the final deal and if it is worth negotiating down? 

I am going to have it set in a very thin and simple 4-prong white gold band with tiny diamonds all around. The setting and the wedding band are around $1200 each, so about $2,400 total for that part. I would like to keep the entire package between $15-16K including tax. Also any advice on making any adjustments to get the most for my price range? And is the fluorescence and issue?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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The plot looks normal for an SI1; bear in mind that the purpose of the plot is to help you identify the diamond, not to tell you how visible/prominent each of the inclusions is. This stone is "lucky" in that the main grading inclusion (the feather) is off to the side.


The rest of the stone (i.e. its cut!) looks fine, if not exceptional, and as long as you don't mind having the diamond looking blue in a UV rich environment (disco? tanning salon? sterilising room?), the fluorescence will have no effect other than that of lowering the price a bit.


The price looks OK; as you found out, it's comparable to prices found through good online vendors. Whether it's worth negotiating down from there is a matter between you and the vendor; the thing that seems expensive is the wedding band, if I understand the design correctly.


Also, be careful with going too thin with an engagement/wedding set, particularly if the pavé (the small diamonds going around the ring) go around the whole ring: people can be quite hard on their jewellery, and if the shank is too thin, loss of stones and going out-of-round are all too likely.

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