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"ethical" Diamonds


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As I continue in my search for a ring, I have come across the popular topic of conflict or ethical diamonds and came across brilliant earth.  I found a great post here by Neil I believe that said avoiding diamonds all together in Africa doesn't help them either.  Honestly I would rather buy a diamond from Africa if I knew that generally overall the diamond trade helps them.  People there could really use any money they could get.  Since most of the posts I found were a few years old or older, I would love to hear from any experts out there.  


What is your opinion of the best thing to do on that matter?  Just buy a diamond from any reputable dealer?  Or is buying a diamond from brilliant earth from Africa going to be better?

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Not much has changed from a few years ago: diamonds are still mined in Africa; the Kimberley process - that was meant to stop rough diamonds from some conflict areas enter the trade - has worked, but it definitely didn't stop (over)exploitation of either people or natural resources in Africa or anywhere else, nor was it meant to. The same goes for funding terrorism (e.g. Boko Haram are exclusively African, as far as I know, though I've never heard of their involvement in the diamond trade) - it's not part of what is being controlled, and it may well be impossible to do. On the other hand, unless you shop Australian or Canadian, the choices are Africa (where South Africa and Botswana are in a very different situation than the CRA, Angola or Sierra Leone, for example), and Russia...


I have no idea who Brilliant Earth are or whether shopping with them would result in anyone in Africa (where? It's kind of big...) benefiting more than if you were to buy from a.n.other dealer. It's up to them to make that case.

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