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Resetting My Diamond In A New Band


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Hi, I have a 0.8 princess cut diamond, not sure if this helps, but it is an F colour and VS2. Currently I have a plain band and I even though this is something I always wanted I am now considering resetting it in band with diamonds. Although all the jewellers I contacted don't seem to take responsibility for my stone in case it chips during the process so I am now scared something may happen to the stone as that would be the last thing I would have wanted. What are the dangerous of this happening?

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It depends on the mounting, the stone and the jeweler.  There's even a luck component.  It's low, but not zero, and it's common for jewelers to not include this as part of the setting fee unless they are selling the stone (sometimes not even then).


I have a suggestion.  If you're not already insured, do it before you have any work done.  Damaging a stone while taking it out of an insured ring and resetting it in a new one would be a covered loss under most policies.  That doesn't change the risks and an insurance claim is definitely a PIA,  but it makes the majority of it someone elses problem.


When it's done you can 'update' the appraisal and the policy to reflect the details of the new ring and they generally give you a pro-rata credit towards the new policy.


Ask your agent for details on your specific policy.  These things vary from company to company, state to state and even policy to policy.

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Thanks! Another concern is the new setting I want to go for. I like a round thin band so that the diamond sits on top but was told that this setting doesn't protect the stone well and bends easier than other settings. Here are 2 of the options I wanted to go for. Any advise if this is the case and if I should opt for a different band? It'll be in 18 ct white gold.



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It depends on how abusive you are in your wear.  In general, the lighter weight the metal, the less durable the piece will be.  In terms of the setting for the center stone, both of those are just fine and again, insurance makes it someone else's problem either way.  Get what you like.

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