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Looking For Opinions On This Stone


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My husband and I are looking for a radiant cut around two carats for under $15,000, preferably more in the $13,000 range.  We're considering this one from james allen:




However, I've read that the medium blue fluorescence on a D color diamond could be a concern? We're both inexperienced when it comes to purchasing a diamond online, just looking for any advice or input people may have!


Here is another one we were also looking at:




Do these look like nice stones?

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Medium blue fluorescence on a D will probably cause the stone to go at a discount, but why should it be a concern? You would only notice it if you went to an extreme UV-rich environment (which means effectively a disco, a tanning salon or a sterilisation room).


Not sure either of the stones you picked is "nice", not least because I don't know how you would define "nice". You haven't really mentioned what is important to you: colour seems to be high on the list, but have you seen G, H and I colour diamonds before deciding your preference is for D-F stones? How important is "2 carats" vs. actual size? How important is square vs. elongated? What about extent of corner cut? Symmetry of pattern? And so on...


Finally, I'd be concerned that the inclusions may be quite visible with the naked eye in both cases. People's tolerance for that varies too, and that's one more thing that you haven't really told us much about.


Sorry - it seems I'm asking you 100 questions for every one you asked yourself, but without getting more information it's really difficult to give some steer.

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I do not intend to ever sell it.  And I appreciate the questions! I am looking for guidance. 


Nothing is leading me to a "D" diamond specifically. I did read that radiant cuts show color more than other cuts.  That's just from research on the internet though so I'm not sure the accuracy of that.  I was looking at colors anywhere from I on up originally.  Then my husband started steering more towards G and up, which I must agree I do seem to find myself more drawn towards the higher color grades. The setting it's going in needs a larger stone, so I was looking from 1.9 carats to a little bit above 2 carats.


Also, I'm looking for a radiant that is more square than rectangular.  That narrows the selection down a bit. And you mentioned inclusions, that IS a primary concern of mine, that the inclusions not be very visible to the naked eye. 

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Yes, radiants tend to have a long optical path and thus pick up colour (which is one of the reasons why they are a popular cut for fancy colours). This said, most people cannot tell the difference between D and H once set, even in a radiant, so I would encourage you (and your husband) to go out and look at diamonds in real life: they do look very different than on screen.


Same goes for clarity; go out and see what you can see and what bothers you. Clarity is more specific to each individual stone - meaning that you can get SI2 that are perfectly eye-clean, and SI1 that are not, but still having an idea that black crystals graded SI2 are a no-go (or otherwise are totally fine) is going to be useful.


Back to the two stones you first asked about, given what you said, I would suggest you at the very least put them on hold while you go out to refine and settle on your criteria. I suspect you'd see the inclusions, and I don't see any reason to hang on to either one; you can easily find others which are the same or better.

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If the D color is not the most important criteria, I would lower the color a little, maybe to an F or G and put the savings toward clarity.  Most of the time an SI2 is visible to the naked eye in a 2 carat stone.  The larger the stone, the less concentrated the sparkle and the more visible internal characteristics can become.  So as you get bigger, if eye clean is important, you need cleaner stones.


Good luck.

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