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2 Stones Need Opinions Asap Buying.


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Davide et all.


I really need your help please. I am purchasing one of these diamonds tomorrow or Tuesday. I like the 3.07 more because of the medium blue (hopefully looks better face up) but the 3.01 is so close. my girlfriend really wanted a G but I told her my price point and couldn't find a G >3.00ct Ex cut and medium or less fluorescence.  Price point is equal among both diamonds. The first 5 images are the 3.01 and the last 5 images are the 3.07.

specs are as follows



GIA: 5186046265



GIA: 2186233575


Thank you for your time,













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To be honest, my main selection criterion between these two would be the price. Both are well cut, the medium blue in an H is going to make no visual difference (and in any case, it would only make a difference in an UV-rich environment, i.e. unfiltered sunlight) and they are visually the same size.


If prices are the same or very similar, I'd pick the 3.07: slightly better cut (more symmetry and much smaller clefts in the hearts), and it has a slightly smaller table and higher crown which I personally like.

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Within the ballpark... in fact towards the bottom of comparable prices: http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds/?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=0&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=3.00&fCaratHi=3.10&fColorLo=H&fColorHi=H&fClarityLo=VS1&fClarityHi=VS1&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=50.0&fDepthHi=80.0&fTableLo=40.0&fTableHi=80.0&fSymLo=&fSymHi=poor&fPolLo=&fPolHi=poor&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=&fFlrHi=vstrong&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000&fLabGIA=1&fLabAGS=1


The interesting question is why... there is nothing obvious from the report, so it may be that you are simply getting a very good price, or it may be that there is some issue with the stone(s) that isn't apparent, such as transparency being not good, the stone being damaged or whatever else.


Before you pull the trigger, make sure you have a decent return period, 100% money back (minus shipping and perhaps credit card charges), and if I were you I'd seriously consider getting an independent appraiser to take a look at the stone.

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What it says on the tin: the quality of being transparent. This is distinct from clarity - which is the quality of (not) containing inclusions independent of whether the inclusion makes a difference.


Here is a stone that is highly included (I2) AND not transparent:




And here is a stone that has the same I2 clarity grading, but where transparency is not (too) affected:



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As much as I would consider this a good explanation, I don't think a GIA graded VS1 would have transparency issues.  Even the medium blue fluo should not be an issue.  That said, grading is a subjective thing and it is possible that the H might be on the lower end of the spectrum, closer to an I and/or that the VS1 is on the lower end as well. If that were the case, then the manufacturer got lucky with the grading report and was nice enough to pass the savings on.  I only offer this as a possible explanation as to why this stone is priced the way it is as I cannot see the stone myself.

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I agree, it's very unlikely - though I have seen (even VVS) stones with stress issues being slightly hazy without visible inclusions, it generally gets reported as internal graining. Like you, George, I'm at a loss as to why the stones are both priced as they are... but colour makes more sense as a first cause to rule in or out. Which doubles my recommendation of using an independent, qualified appraiser!

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The only comments are pinpoints and clouds are not shown.  In VS1 this does not raise any real concerns.  I agree that an independent appraiser would be important here.  It's funny how too good a deal raises more questions than not.  The same stone at $50,000 would not raise as many questions!

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