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Leo Diamond Questions


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My question is the Leo diamond at Jared jewelry is a good price or not? Here are the specs


Leo Round cut - the price is $6300

Measures 6.44 - 6.38 - 3.89

1 ct.

SI2 clarity

Color F

Fluorescent. Is none

Depth 60%

Table 62%

Girdle medium to slight thick

Cutlet none

Polish/ symmetry Very good/very good

GSI and Gemex report


I would like to know if this diamond is a good one to purchase. My English is very bad. Sorry for any mis-grammar. Please help me out. Thank you very much everybody.

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Youll find much better deals through the Diamond Review Diamond Finder:



GSI is not a highly recognized and widely accepted report. 


I also avoid SI2 clarity as it tends to either be cloudy or not eye clean. 


Have you seen this diamond already? What did you think?


$6300 can buy you a really great diamond, but in my opinion, this isn't one of them. 

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Branded diamonds are favored by some retail outlets because the brand allows them to charge a premium while restricting the availability of local competition to carry the same brand.  In other words, if you like the Leo cut at Jareds, there is nowhere else to shop nearby where you can compare apples to apples.  As Joshua mentions above, using the DiamondFinder on the toolbar above, you can find equivalent GIA graded modern brilliant round cut diamonds (standard cut around the world) for a better price and alternatively you can find a much better diamond for the same price.  The important question is how much value you give to the brand?  Is the Leo cut worth the extra money or lower clarity grade?

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Joshua: thank you very much for your advice and the link. I definitely going to do some research on this website. I never buy a diamond through online vendor before and I have no experience about it. Is it safe to buy a diamond with online vendors and this website that you provide ? Yes, I did go to Jared and looked at the diamond again. It is look nice to me but I'm not sure. I think I don't trust my eyes :) ... The seller said SI2 is eye clean, but now you said it is not eye clean. I did not have a chance to look at many diamonds outside that is why it is very hard for me to compare. But thank you again. I'm going to do some research now.



George: Thank you very much for your advice. I don't think I care much about brand name diamond. I rather have something that I am satisfied with than brand name. Any trusted online vendor that you can suggest for me? Thank you very much.


Question : Is clarity better than color? Cut come first then clarity then color? Is this true?

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Hi Kaith,


All of the vendors listed in the DiamondFinder have excellent reputations (yes....I am aware that I am including myself in this) and strive to bring you the best product at a competitive price.  I would suggest using the DiamondFinder and narrowing down your selection, then contacting a couple of vendors and see who you feel most comfortable working with.   Pictures of stones are extremely helpful and if you are hesitating between two or more stones, you should be able to ask for sided by side comparisons.


Sorry...I did not answer your last question.  Cut, as you say, will have the most visual impact on your stone.  After that depending on your sensitivity color and clarity can play near equal roles.  Most stones with an H (GIA) color and up will appear white.  Obviously a D, E or F will be super white, but I rarely hear anybody comment on body color if the stone is H or better.  I and J stones will start to show some color, especially if they are set in white metal.  Anything K and below will have a noticeable color.  As for clarity, SI1 and above are more than likely clean to the naked eye.  There are always exceptions where an SI1 can be seen but generally you can rely on SI1 being eye clean.  The same is true for SI2.  There are SI2 stones that are eye clean but many are not and it may take a little more effort to find a clean SI2. 


I hope this helps,

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Some basic rules for buying diamonds online:


1) Rely on grading by GIA or AGSL only unless the purchase is below about $1000, and maybe even them.


2) Research the seller on places like Google, Ripoffreport, this forum, yelp and so on.  Don’t do business with people who look or act like sharks.  There’s plenty of jewelers out there.


3) Read carefully the sellers terms and conditions and be sure to comply with them.  This includes things like damaging the original lab documents or packaging, setting and unsetting the stone, sizing the ring, removing tags and so on.  They’re not all the same.  READ THE FINE PRINT.  From their side, make sure you understand how the shipping will work, what the return policy will be if you’re unhappy, and when you can expect it to arrive.


4) Use a credit card, not a debit card, and leave the ‘cash’ discount on the table unless you’ve already got a relationship with the dealer.  The CC costs about 2% and what you’re buying is protection, not financing. 


5) If you’re shopping internationally, make sure you understand the tax ramifications.  In most places you’ll have to pay VAT when it comes into the country and in many there’s an import tax as well.   These are paid by you, not the seller.


6) Only buy from a vendor who will give you at least 10 days unconditional return with no restocking fees or penalties from the date you actually receive it.  Longer if it’s international.  Who pays shipping is negotiable but nothing else.  "No refunds" or limited refunds is a total deal killer. 


7) If you’re still nervous when it arrives and you have a look at it, get it appraised by an appraiser who is working for YOU, not the seller.  If you can possibly arrange it, find an appraiser who isn’t a competitive seller although this is difficult in certain places.  Make sure your appraiser has some actual appraisal training.


8) If you decide to return it, make sure to comply with the sellers shipping procedures.  Make sure to ship in a way that includes signature tracking of the package.  Package carefully.


All of this except for the advice about shipping applies with local purchases as well by the way.

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Thank you very much to your help George and Neil. You guys tips are very helpful. I learn so much more.


And Neil, what do you think about the Leo diamond that I describe above? Thanks.


I came back to the store and look at it one more time. When I look really close to the diamond with the light shining on it, I can see a little cloud on the side? And when I look on the side, I also see the cloud. Is it mean this Leo SI2 is not eye clean? Thanks.

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There's not enough info to say anything useful about the stone beyond very broad generalizations.  The Leo line encompasses a lot of different looks.  Personally I don't care for the whole 'extra facet' business and like the more traditional look.  I wouldn't buy it even if they were the same price so that wipes me out as a customer.  I'm not you and your taste may vary. 


'Eye clean' isn't a well defined standard but clarity grading is done from the top, not the side.  Whether or not you can see a cloud has to do with the cloud, your eyes, the lighting and other variables for which I haven't a clue.  USUALLY when people see things in SI2's, it's not clouds, but if this is one of those, that would be a deal killer for me because it seriously affects transparency.  Frankly, I would suspect cleaning first ahead of guessing that you're seeing a cloud.  


Beating Jared's on price isn't especially difficult but there are benefits to them that are a little harder to value.  That becomes up to you to decide if they're worth the extra cost. The differential is considerable.

I would not rely on GSI and I see very little value in Gemex..

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Thank you very much everybody and Neil for your advice.

How about this diamond, the color, carat, and clarity are higher from the Leo. I need an advices plz


EGL round diamond

1.20 ct


Color F. VS1

Ex cut

Polish/sym. VG/Ex

Fluorencense None

Depth 62.9

Table 59

Gridle thin medium


Thank you very much.

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Is this mean the Second diamond better than the Leo.

No. The second diamond is also graded by an unreliable lab, so you don't know much at all about its colour, clarity and cut - other than it's very very unlikely to be an "F/VS1/Excellent Cut".


The only clear advantage it has on the Leo is that it is bigger - but that won't count for much if it doesn't look good (and we have no information whether it does or not).


No trouble at all - answering questions is what the forum is for. :)

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