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Not Sure If I Should Return This Ring? Need Help Please! :)


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Hi everyone -


Would really appreciate it if I could get some advice! :) I am totally new to diamonds.


Received the Radiant Star ring below, but I am very much bothered by the carbon spots near the center (one spot or two are pretty obvious to me). I feel bad to return it because it is an engagement ring… but I don't want my fiancé to be ripped off (he worked hard for the money).


The ring is G in color and I2 clarity. I cost about $6,700 including warranty with a promotion deal. Is this ring worth such money?


I think it is IGI graded. Is IGI grading trustworthy? If not, what kind of grading should I be looking for?


I also heard that I2 clarity could be structurally unstable, is that true? I think under the microscope I saw something that looked like a white crack as well. Not sure what it is. and if it will make the diamond bad later or not.




Thank you so much for your time and your advice!! :)

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IGI is a mixed bag on reliability but given that they've graded it at the bottom of the scale anyway, I wouldn't be worried about misgrading.


The biggest problem is that you don't love it.  That's what the thing is FOR.  Have a chat with your fiancee about it.  You're going to have this for a long time and there's no reason to keep one that doesn't suit your fancy.  Helzberg is a reasonable enough outfit but I think there's a deadline on how quickly you have to take these things back so there's reason to be in a hurry.

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Hi Selina,

Neil most definitely has addressed the most important issues: you have to be on the same page as your fiancé and you should love your ring.

That said, I think the money spent could have gone further.  As Neil alluded to, the IGI can be a mixed bag on grading but that is a really PC way of saying that they are lenient when compared to the GIA.  The ring your diamond is set in represents about $400 of the purchase, so the diamond cost is roughly $6300.  As color does not seem to be an issue with your current ring, I would comfortably assume that the IGI "I" color is comparable to a GIA "J" color.  Using the DiamondFinder above, $6300 will buy you a 1ct GIA graded J-SI1 stone where the clarity would not be an issue at all and the stone cut quality could be very good or even excellent. Most of the vendors will even send you pictures of the diamonds before you purchase them so that you can assess the visual impact of the inclusions.  Any of the vendors listing on the DiamondFinder can set the stone is a similar mounting to what you have from Helzbergs.  All this to say that if/when you do decide to address this with your fiancé, you should do so knowing that you can do better without spending more money, just a little time.  Helzbergs, like any vendor, has a limited time during which they will accept returns depending on the purchase conditions, so, reiterating Neil's point, act sooner rather than later.


On a slightly different note, the link you referenced gave a very general description of the diamond, including an approximate weight ranging from 0.95 to 1.10 carats.  The value of a 0.9x stone is noticeably lower than a 1.xx.  I hope your stone came with a grading report specific to your stone as opposed to a blanket description as in the link.


Good luck,

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Hello Selina,


Firs, I definitely agree with Neil about IGI being a mixed bag and the important thing being that you love the ring. The approach is accurate: speak to your fiance about it and definitely tread lightly because its a sensitive issue.


Now, for my honest opinion about the diamond. I generally would shy away from I2 diamonds because of the reasons you mentioned: the inclusions can indeed affect the structural integrity of the diamond. The disclaimer here though is that it depends on the inclusions. I2 feathers can yield a breakage, but I2 carbon spots, or crystals, are less likely to do so.


IGI grading has been inconsistent in my experience. GIA has been the most consistent I've seen. No lab is perfect, but the key is consistency. I've often had to discount the grading on color, specifically, with IGI (less so on clarity).


Now, for the value (because I definitely understand you wanting to make sure you're not overspending hard earned money). Please note that this is solely an opinion and is definitely subjective. There are many factors that affect pricing and value. I believe a true, GIA certified G I2 should be priced anywhere between $3,000 and $3,500. Because your diamond has different faceting (radiant star), that may carry a premium. The setting looks like a classic six prong solitaire setting, which I believe should be around $190 and $300. 


I hope this helps. Please remember, I have no intention to question Helzberg Diamonds. They are a reputable establishment. All of the above is purely a matter of opinion. I'd be happy to offer any other advice, should you find it valuable.


Thank you,



Four Mine



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You didn't mention size but, whatever it is, the logic on this sort of thing is basically the same.  The ring and the diamond are sold separately and then assembled.  The bulk of your money is going for the diamond.   The radiant star is a branded stone for Helzberg and you won't find exactly that anywhere else.  They cost a considerable premium and one of the key questions is if you ended up with that because that was one of your specs or if your fiancée got talked into it by the salesperson.  Similarly graded stones outside of the brand are quite a bit less expensive. 

The I2 clarity seems to be the heart of your concern and I agree that it's an unusual choice.  That's the inclusions you're seeing.  I would encourage you to go look at some diamonds in person and see if you would be happier to move that up to, say, SI2 or more.  That's going to raise the price and then you get to decide if you want to offset that by either lowering something else (like size), shopping with a different source, or some combination.


In any case, talk to your fiancée about it. 


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It is 1.01 carat. Actually I just found out from the certificate its I1 instead of I2. 


Thank you everybody for sharing your thoughts and expertise. I appreciate your help a lot and was very grateful to read all your suggestions. :)


I've talked with my fiancé and he's okay for me to decide whatever I like to do so I won't have regret later on. But it feels like the hardest decision ever.


On one side it's what he thought was the best for me and he was willing to spent all those money for me because he think that I totally worth spending that much for. Even though now he found out the ring didn't worth that much, he is still not worried since he picked it and thought it was good for me. I would feel bad returning it because he picked it and proposed with it. It was his heart for me. 


But on the other side, I feel bad looking at the black spots and thinking that it's an I clarity and not so high quality IGI grading.  And I also feel pretty bad that we are probably paying almost double the price for the actual diamond value. And feel like why not return it while still within 60 days for something not worth the money spent. 


It feels like a trap with a dilemma. I would feel pretty terrible either returning it or keeping it. I know it's my problem... I think I need to pray for peace inside. Thanks so much again for all your suggestions. :)

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Dear all -


Just an update. I decided to keep the ring for the abundant love in it. In the end, it's just a ring and love matters more. Praise the Lord, now I actually feel quite peaceful and happy about the decision. The sparkle does somewhat cover the black spots under good lighting. It is a little costy for the sparkle, but I do love the radiant star sparkle. Thank you all so much again for all the suggestions. I will ask again for the next ring!  :lol:



Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him, because all that is in the world (the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the arrogance produced by material possessions) is not from the Father, but is from the world. And the world is passing away with all its desires, but the person who does the will of God remains forever. (1John 2:15-17)

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