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Diamond Quality


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They're claiming the weight is 0.45cts.  That's probably total weight for both if there are two earrings here.

They're claiming the color is I-J.  It's unknown who is making this claim.

They're claiming the clarity is SI1-SI2 (or maybe SI3).  As with the above, it's unclear who is making this claim.

They are making no claim at all about cutting or even shape.

They're claiming the metal is 18k gold.

The stone(s) is mounted with prongs.

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Where did you get the 18K from?

The OP's first post? :) (my emphasis below)




I am trying to buy an earring over the internet.  what does the below mentioned setting in 18K gold mean? Is it good or bad? It is priced at 50K INR.


BTW, rabia, I think that Neil has been very polite in answering literally your "what does it mean" question. What he hasn't been rude or direct enough to say is that unless you have good reason to trust the seller, it's probably best to skip...

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It's true that I was trying to answer the question being asked.  Claiming a particular grade doesn't necessarily make it true.  All such claims come in the context of the person making them.  They aren't necessarily wrong but the default answer is to ignore them if they can't back it up.  That's why I used the word 'cliam' so many times.  What you know is that a claim has been made, not that any particular grades have been achieved.  

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