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Jared - The Galleria Of Bad Customer Service?

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Hi - 


I had my ring made for me 12 1/2 years ago - gorgeous stone, inclusions in very convenient and inconspicuous places (vvs2) ... 14k white gold (no rhodium) and 2 carat platinum cup for the diamond.  3 kids, arthritis, and Lord knows how many pounds later, I needed to have the ring cut and resized.  My husband insisted we use Jared - I wanted to use a trusted local jeweler (we have lived in several states  - have been here for almost 4) - but we didn't have anyone in particular we knew.


So we trotted off to Jared.  MISTAKE.  HUGE.  The place is 30 minutes - out of my way - after cutting off the ring (I think they think it's cute to call it surgery? I think it's weird, having been under a real knife?)  I showed the ring to my husband, he handed it to the customer service person.  She snapped the shank - then quickly put it back together and said, "phew, I thought I had broken it" - she HAD broken it - that's later.  I'm told I should come back the next day and they'd size my finger. It was pretty well mangled from trying to get the ring off before the saw.


Came back, was told it would take a couple of hours.  Came back next day.  It was wobbly.  The diamond was off kilter and the head was off.  


Next time the jeweler cut the shank next to the head. And I could see the sloppy work without a microscope.


next time I went in, and it was no longer a circle, the shank was thick in its original form, thin where the sizing took place.


And now there's solder on the cup. 


What should I do?  I still need to have it repaired, I couldn't stand the thought of letting that jeweler ever have his hands on my ring again -- but it's obviously weakened.  I think I was back there a total of 6 times?  And they had the nerve to offer me a $140 appraisal. Are you kidding me?

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I'm sorry that what should have been a pretty straightforward job (though possibly including a replacement shank or even a completely new setting) has been mishandled in the way you describe. Unfortunately, with large chains such as Jared's the quality of repair work is hugely variable from branch to branch, and you seem to have hit a particularly "interesting" one.


The good news is that pretty much anything can be fixed - though at this point probably a new setting may be required rather than just a.n. other option to consider.


The bad news is that having Jared to help is probably not going to get things any better, and I very likely don't know who to suggest (you don't say where you are, but chances I know someone near there are very slim). This said, I would suggest you consider the following steps:


1. Let Jared know that they have screwed up. Demand compensation - in the form of a new setting or of something else that you may be willing to accept. You may or may not get anywhere, but it's worth trying.


2. After several attempts at getting it right, it seems pretty clear to me that whoever Jared's are using isn't up to the job. If this is an external subcontractor, ask Jared to change to another firm; if this is their internal bench (or they say they have no other option), tell them you definitely do not want them to have another go, but you expect monetary compensation instead.


3. If Jared is "out", find someone who does repairs - ask to see their work, inspect it with a loupe, and make sure that you are happy with the quality - then bring them your ring and ask what/how much it would take to get things fixed.

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You are singing to the choir. Jared sales people are rude and have one goal in mind, to get your money and get you out of their face as fast as possible. They do not listen to the customer concerns or compliants. I just closed my $11, 000 credit account with them over a $50 dispute. I have one message for Jared shoppers: BUYERS BEWARE

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I had my first trip into Jared last week to start engagement ring shopping and was appalled by the misinformation they tried to feed me about IGI certified diamonds. They priced out a 1.04 carat princess vs2, I color, good polish and symmetry, good cut for $4900. That's better than Kay jeweler so I thought it was decent. I actually brought up Blue Nile because I saw a similar diamond with excellent symmetry and polish and was ideal cut, still princess and was H color for about 500 less with a GIA ans GCAL report. They scoffed at the diamond I mentioned and said that BN could never match their quality and IGI is equal if not better than GIA the list of their banter went on until I let them know that my future fiancée's mom works at BN and is trying to help me out as best she can.

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