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Newbie Needs Help, Tolkowsky.


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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my post. My gf has picked out the ring she really wants, however, the said ring is $8,500 but much above our original price range. They also carry another in the same setting, with a lesser diamond for $6,500 but it was not stocked. My budget is around the $5,000 amount.


Here is the ring: http://kay.com/en/kaystore/diamond-solitaire-ring-1-ct-princess-cut--14k-white-gold-161254002--1


What she appreciates about this ring is the "Y" shape in the setting. What I am looking for is a very similar setting with a 1 ct. princess cut diamond closer to my price range.


After reading a few posts I felt this place has some very knowledgeable folks who could lead me in the right direction thus finding the perfect ring without the Kay price tag but within my price range.





PS - In the short amount of time (1 hr.) I've spent browsing I came across a site Bluenile.com. Does anyone have any experience purchasing from these folks?

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You've got several issues here.


Kays has their features but they make no claim to being a cheap place to buy stuff.  It's pretty easy for a dealer to beat their prices on generic sorts of items but this is not a generic item.  It's a Tolkowski branded diamond in a Tolkowski branded ring.  You're paying a considerable premium for that.  If you landed there because you really love Tolk, that's ok but if you're there becasue it's what Kay's happens to have, consider moving away from the brand.  There are plenty of other companies who make good things too.


Your money is largely about that diamond.  Diamonds are a priced in a convoluted but really fairly easy way based on what they call the 4 C's.  There's some details that make big differences but start there.  I mention this because Kay isn't even saying THAT in their ad.   It's approximately 1 carat (possibly less), and we don't know the slightest bit more.  That's a huge red flag.  I would start by doing some research into the language of diamonds.  Clarity, color, weight and so on.  It's important.  There's thousands of dollars on the table here.   There's a pretty good tutorial attached to this site linked at the top of the page.  Read it.


In terms of the mounting, I think you'll find a lot of people ,make a ring that looks sort of like that.  Try www.stuller.com or www.overnightmountings.com.  These are both big supply houses to jewelers for this sort of thing and nearly everybody carries them.  


eta.  Blue Nile is fine.  They're far from the only fine place but the first thing is to hammer down a bit better exactly what you're looking for.

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I recently started a similar thread, and have found that for less money I can buy a diamond online of far better quality.  Whiteflash is a great site in that they have images of all the diamonds.  Even if you don't purchase there, it will help you see some differences by looking at the photos along with the grades etc.

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