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Did I Get A Fair Deal? Gia Diamond


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Hi, I am in the process of buying a diamond (GIA certified - certificate attached). 


The diamond is a modified square brilliant that is 0.7 carat, VS2 and G colour. I negotiated down to $1800...did i get a good deal please? If not what is the best price I should pay for it (or if i got it for a very good price what is the value of it).


Don't worry....be sincere... :)


Many thanks




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There’s not really a short answer here.  The first place to look is at the ‘diamond finder’ utility at the top of the page.  I find 102 offers ranging from about $1700 to about $2500 depending on details we don’t know.  These are all US internet based dealers and they tend to be pretty price competitive. 

Does that make yours a good deal?  Maybe.  Probably even.  Have you seen it?  Do you love it?


Is there possibly a bit of money left on the table here?   Maybe, but probably not a whole lot, especially if this is a dealer. 


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Dear Neil,


Many thanks for your answer, appreciate it...I have included the details i was given about the diamond as attachment to my post.


Diamond is nice and looks very clean so will probably try a bit more but at least i know where i stand.


Thanks again,



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I don't think that trying "a bit more" will get you much; you are pretty close to the bottom of the range already.


The stones Neil referenced above are priced differently for a number of reasons, but the largest influence is cut - there isn't much information on cut available in a GIA report for a non-round, but you can bet that there is a reason (or more than one) why one stone is $2300 and another is $1800; that reason is very unlikely to be a hugely different profit margin by the dealer.

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