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Did I Get A Fair Deal? First Time Buying A Diamond.


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Hi- I just bought a diamond engagement ring and now am questioning whether I got a good deal/ made a good choice with the diamond. Hoping folks can chime in and let me know their thoughts. I bought a GIA certified 1.03 carat G color diamond, SI2 but only with slight feathers and clouds-- nothing visible to the naked eye and no incusions/ dark spots. Cut, polish and symmetry all graded as excellent. Cut has 'hearts and arrows' which I was told is a sign of brilliance and fire-- what makes the stone really sparkle. The jeweler showed me the GIA number lasered into the diamond that matched the certificate. 

The diamond was $5700 USD including tax. I had it set in a 14K rose gold setting with about .35 ctw of pave diamonds. Setting was 1300. All in, I paid 7k. 

GIA cert number is: 2186065189

They originally wanted 7300 for the diamond alone-- 8600 plus tax for the total ring-- but I negotiated it down a bit. 

The ring looks stunning, but again, just hoping I did ok, as this was my first time buying a diamond. Thanks for your feedback. 

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