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Receipt Does Not Match Certificate


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Last week my fiance and I went stone/ring shopping at Shane Co. I ended up chosing a 1.71 G color si3 princess cut stone. the stone was priced at 9500.


I love my ring...but felt compelled to research more after this purchase ( I should have before) I knew there was "feathering" but noticed it alot more with my naked eye after purchase...after researching grades I learned that for some the si3 is not a true rating.


I then looked at my paperwork and realized that the certificate is from EGLI showing what I described above.


Then I looked at the receipt and noticed it says EGLI: ; G 1.71CT SHANE: I-1; I 1.71CT


Does anyone know why the receipt would be different than the certifcate? I now feel like I was mislead and may have overpaid. I love my ring, but how can I know what it really is? I do not want to return it, but I am curious to know what it would rate on the GIA or EGL scale. It seems as though no one else uses the EGLI but shane co.


Should I be concerned? Do you think I have recourse to maybe get the price down if I did overpay with out losing my ring?


Thank you!


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I'm guessing it means that  they graded it I-1/I, sold it to you as such, and that they included the EGLI paperwork because they thought you would find it entertaining. 


ShaneCo is pretty good about explaining things if you call them up.  Ask.  As a general rule EGLI paperwork isn't worth the plastic it's printed on so the key to the question is why they included it at all.


Recourse?  As I recall, they take returns for a while after the purchase, and then have a tradeup policy that goes beyond that.  If it's only been a week it should be no problem to take it back for a full refund and you can spend your money on something else or somewhere else.  Will they give you a discount on THAT one?  Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


Consider getting it appraised by an independent appraiser, meaning one that doesn't work for them and that isn't a competitive jeweler in the deal.   You can get a feel for what comparable stones cost at some competitive dealers by using the 'diamond finder' utility at the top of the page.  It's fast, free and anonymous.  Most of the online dealers dont' sell many I-1's so you may need to expand the range or look on their own sites but it should be possible to find something for sale to use as a benchmark. 

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