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I Think I Found The One?


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Hi everyone,


Ive spent a lot of time researching trying to figure out what diamond to get for my engagement ring.

This is basically what I have come down to and what I think looks pretty good.


18k White Gold band with 20 diamonds along the shoulders, 0.19 carat VS2 and G colour



The diamond I have tentatively chosen is:


Round, Ideal (Excellent) Cut


I colour

0.62 Carat

GIA certified.



I am just wanting some insight into whether the colour and clarity I have chosen is ok?

From what I have read/researched 'I' colour with a good clarity and cut doesn't look yellow (of course unless comparing it to say an 'F') would this hold true?

Or am I better swapping to a H colour and SI1 (similar cost just different set up)

Also are the prices Ive got ok? I got a few other quotes from local jewelers for similar settings and diamonds and they ended up being exponentially more expensive.


Thank you in advance and I apologize if this is a super 'newbie' question for me to ask, Im in the deep end here and I just want to make sure Im doing ok.

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There’s not much to be said about the ring without knowing a bunch more, maybe not even then.  Craftsmanship is a big deal.  Branding can be a big deal.  Where you shop can be a big deal.  Among other things, all of that requires actually looking at the ring.  $767 is definitely in the range of reasonable.

The most popular specs for diamond shoppers is VS1-SI1 clarities, G-I colors, GIA pedigree, and excellent cut.  Narrowing down from that has much the same problem as the above.  Most people can’t tell the difference between an F/VVS1/x and an I/SI2/vg in a mounted stone, even when they’re looking closely.  Does it matter to YOU?  Maybe.  That has at least as much to do with you as it does with diamonds.   In terms of pricing it’s pretty easy to compare.  Look at the ‘diamond finder’ link at the top of the page.  It’s anonymous and there’s no obligation so there’s no downside to playing with the search engine.  These are mostly US vendors and that complicates it slightly.  There’s an import tax in Australia that needs to be considered as well as the convenience associated with working with a local merchant.  How much that’s worth, as with the above, is as much about you as it is about diamonds.  Personally I like local stores and am willing to pay extra to shop there but the tricky part is deciding how much extra. 

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