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Should I Buy This Stone ??? 1.8 Ct Round Diamond


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hello experts

pls help me regarding this stone..I am planning on buying it tonight so need opinions ASAP

1.81 ct I VVS2 round diamond

table 56
depth 62.1
7.78mm x 7.81 x 4.84
hearts and arrows
medium to sl thick girdle
faint flourescence
crown angle 35
pav angle 40.6
hca score 0.9

actual stone picture attached

shud i buy this stone or shud i get a better color for little more money but smaller carat weight (a 1.75 G/H color vs2) for example. I do not want to go less than a 1.7 ct stone and no less than 7.7mm

i havent looked at the stone in person yet but the website has a 90day no questions asked return policy in case i dont like it.

would love to hear your feedback asap.post-134503-0-10353500-1418885524_thumb.jpgpost-134503-0-89073200-1418885524_thumb.jpg

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Thx for ur reply. Yes id also rather get a better color (g or H vs2) but seems like I'll be paying minimum $1500-2000 more for that upgrade. Also I'll be going down in size to a 1.7-1.72 in irder to do that. Is it worth $2k for a color upgrade? My total budget is 15.5k so it would work but is it justifiable for $2k? Can you really tell when the stone is set?

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