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Diamond Stud Buying


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I am trying to buy my wife diamond stud earrings with a budget of up to $30k. I hope to buy them knowing that my sons may in the future remount them as engagement rings. I found these earings at costco which fit in the budget and have GIA certifications. http://www.costco.com/Round-Brilliant-3.17-ctw-VVS2-Clarity-I-Color-Diamond-Platinum-Stud-Earrings.product.100122555.html


Just interested if someone can help me out with regard to whether these stones would display well as engagement rings in the future? I just dont know a lot so I set a budget and read the GIA report. Color I, VVS2, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent rating. So I assume these diamonds are of good quality but have no idea if they are good eventually as rings.


I like Costco because I dont have to spend a lot of time shopping and can always return them if my wife does not like them.


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.

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They'll be fine. 



If you don't want to go through the learning curve or in any way deal with the process, Costco is a good choice.  The whole deal can be done in about 30 seconds with no need to learn the slightest thing about diamonds. 



Here's the link to make it easier if anyone else wants to comment:



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