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Final Picks! Five Emerald Cuts W/ Asets


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Hi all! Long time lurker. Figured it's time to hop in the pool and seek a little advice. Thanks for all the great posts to date.

Two choices are from Good Old Gold, three from James Allen. I’ve been pleased with both company’s service and would recommend them. At this point I just need to choose the most beautiful option. Friday is the deadline so this is it. I’m sure any will be pretty, but in a tie I’ll need to lean towards James Allen because of their exchange policy. I imagine GOG has a good one as well, but the stones I’m looking at are from out-of-house.

I originally set out for:

  • 2ct
  • G+
  • eye-clean
  • around 1.35 to 1.45 L/W ratio
  • little/no FL, balanced cut percentages, VG/EX, etc
  • under $17k
  • I think I'd prefer an EC that tends to "glow" more than it is heavily-contrasted, if that makes sense



1.60ct G VVS2




1.75ct G VVS2


#1 1.60ct aside #2 1.75ct. The one on the right is prettier to my eyes.





1.76ct H VS1
"The gemologist's top recommendation, which offers great light performance. It has a beautiful step cut with a nice balances of brilliance. It has a white "H" color, appears eye clean, and the gemologist found its faceting and shape to be very attractive. Since light performance is important to you, I encourage you to proceed with this diamond."




1.82ct G VS1




1.86ct G VS1



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Welcome to DiamondReview!


Of the two GOG stones, the one on the right in the photo is a clear winner for me too. BTW, it has more contrast than the other one... (despite your stated preference for "glow").


Of the three JA, my preference would go to the second - I think it's going to be more symmetrical-looking and far less on-off and for me that is important in an EC, even though it seems less bright overall.


Comparing across the two is a lot more difficult; my hunch is that the GOG stone would come out on top because of the combination of patterning and brightness, plus I'd say it's going to look a little larger visually.

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Hi David, and thank you for your comments.


My personal favorites are #2 (GOG) and #3 (the first JA).


You bring up an interesting point with the possibility of an "on/off" nature of #4 (the second JA). I actually featured that this could actually be the case instead with #3, seeing that the ASET is so green/red, and that it appears to have a pretty clear-cut bow-tie in it's regular photo. That said, I'm new to this stuff, so perhaps #3 might not be on/off like #4?


On that note, I'd love to hear your thoughts on #3 - it's curious ASET, the bowtie, etc. How do you think it would compare/contrast to #2 as far as simple eye-beauty goes?

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No - the On-off is clearly #3; look at the JA video, and you see it going from very bright to totally dark. I don't like it at all. Of course there is an element of personal taste in all this, and your opinion may well be different.


Thanks for the clarification David.


On that note, and just for conversation really, is there such a thing as "too much red" when it comes to ASET? And if so, is this a case?


I figure that red equals good, but perhaps if it's only red, then there's no room for brilliance, perhaps leading to the on/off nature?

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Yes, there is definitely something like "too much red". A flat mirror set at the right height in an ASET will be all red; turn it by a few degrees, and it goes all black as no light is reflected towards the lens/eye. Plus, a flat mirror is not particularly interesting to look at.


Hah, thanks for this David.


I'm thinking of getting #3, and then maybe also getting either #4 or #5 to do a side-by-side comparison. This way I can see if I prefer the mirror-like effect, or one with more variation. 


The latter two have the benefit of being larger as well! I think you lean to #4 between it and #5?

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Yep. I'd rule out #5 and #1. Of the other 3, strong preference for #2, then #1, then #3. Repeat - personal opinion based on how I think they'd look from the ASET + photos/videos. In real life, I may well change my mind completely.


BTW - not sure if you took my fairly flippant comment on the mirror as I intended it: there definitely is something like too much red. A nice balance of red and blue is better, and some green is unavoidable (minimal in rounds, but far more in fancy shapes and even more in non-square fancies) Even black (or white) has its place: remember that a well taken ASET images is straight on-axis; in reality, you very seldom see a diamond straight on-axis - which is why even green and black are not only not negative but contribute to avoiding the "on-off" effect.

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