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.80 G Si2 Versus .91 G Si2 Round


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Hi all


I am a new poster but have been browsing and getting a lot of info here for quite some time now,


now it comes to a question, i have a goldsmith making a ring and after weeks of back and forward he has came up with these two centre stones, when we were origianlly starting out i had expected a different stone which i had told him i was looking for something about 1.2ct E/F vs1/vs2 


the centre stone is now to be and he has came back with these two stones 


they are igi certed which i am not a 100% on so that's my first question and worry if these are a bad diamond with a lesser cert,


also these two diamonds seem to be quite lower then what i was looking for


any help would be greatly appreciated



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IGI, in my opinion is a mixed bag.  They have several different labs and some, especially those in Asia, are well regarded.  The New York lab gets roundly criticized, especially for the 'appraisal' reports that they issue on jewelry, not just diamonds.   A stone with GIA or AGS paperwork isn't necessarily better, but you know more about it, and what you know you know more reliably.  


That said, I don't really understand your question.  If these stones aren't up to what you're looking for, why are you considering them?  There are literally tens of thousands of stones out there.  If your jeweler can't find one, you can.  Let's go back to the beginning.  What are your goals (grade, shape, budget, etc.)?

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1. What budget did you have in mind? Is it realistic to expect "1.20 E-F VS" for it? If so, why is the jeweller coming up with something that is falling short in pretty much every category (whether "visible" or not).


2. What is the implication of going back to your original spec - particularly on size - on the work that the jeweller has already carried out?

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