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Diamond Question


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Hey everyone first time diamond buyer here and think I found a really nice cushion cut diamond for an engagement ring and wanted to see if this was a good value. Was looking for around 1.5 carrats and spending 10-12K. I've driven myself crazy trying to understand the "4 C's" and all the different aspects that go into buying a diamond but often find myself more confused. I'm buying the diamond online and only have access to the information on the GIA certificate so I know it's somewhat of a shot in the dark.


GIA # 6167186010

Cushion Modified Brilliant

Dimensions: 6.33 x 6.20 x 4.38

Cut: Very Good

Carrat: 1.51

Color: F

Clarity: IF

Polish: Excellent

Symettery: Very Good

Flourescence: None

Table: 60%

Depth 70.6%

Price: $11,070


Thanks in advance for everyones input.


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The "problem" with this - as with practically every shape other than round - is that you have next to no information on cut. The "very good" cut grade has been assigned by the vendor, and it means what they want it to mean; ask them, but don't be surprised if you get a lot of hot air in reply.


In addition, with cushions there are a lot of factors influencing the look of the stone: how rounded are the corners, what is the profile of the sides, what is the cutting style/pattern... which influence the looks very significantly even assuming that you get the same amount of light being returned to your eyes.


All of this requires (in my opinion) more information than what is present on a GIA report - at the very least good quality pictures and an expert eye looking at the stone; maybe more (video, reflector images, 3D scans).


Another point worth mentioning is the IF clarity. You will not see the difference between IF and VS1 even with a loupe once set - but you are paying a pretty large premium for those two letters. Unless the idea of "flawlessness" is important to you on a symbolic level, I'd rethink...

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Hey thanks again for advice. The online retailor I was looking at is Adiamor.com. Their prices seem competitive (as do other online venders compared to B&M stores) and they have a lot of options. I don't think they have misled me in any way though more information ie pictures/videos would always be helpful. Reading online reviews from their website, checking with the BBB, and the return policy makes buying online tempting. I guess what I'm finding confusing is how to rank cut, color, clarity. From what I have read, it seems like cut is the most important but with vendors assigning thier own cut gradings its difficult to compare different diamonds. Just trying to find that "perfect" combination while staying within a budget. Thanks again.

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I have some stats and videos on the diamond that Adiamor might not be sharing. I think the diamond is better than very good. By my standard its considered Ideal (not super ideal, but ideal).


Dont waste money on F and IF, drop in color and clarity (H VS2 is a great place to be) and you might even find a bigger diamond for less or save the money and put it in a college fund, kitchen fund, honeymoon etc etc etc.




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The proprietary dealer grading systems are a pain and the secret to them is to evaluate the DEALER before you try to evaluate the stone.  Some are more useful than others.  Some are worth less than nothing.  The right dealer is you ally in this hunt, not your opponent. 


What they’re looking for is an assortment of things: 


Girdle outline issues, like the shape and symmetry of the corners and general geometry of the stone.  A rounded square isn’t necessarily better than a rectangle with blunted corners, but it’s definitely DIFFERENT.


Overall and localized light return and dead areas within the stone.


Scintillation, fire, and prismatic effects with the cutting.


Bow-tie or lack thereof.


Durability problems, especially on stones with points.


Eye visibility of the inclusions.


Other things.


None of this appears on the GIA document.  Photos, at least good ones, are very helpful.  ASET images are very helpful.  Idealscope images are moderately helpful.  Sarin scans are helpful.  Results from tools like the Brilliancescope are vaguely helpful and sort of entertaining.  Opinions from experts who actually have the stone (not just the report) in hand to look at are very helpful.  Opinions from experts who know how to interpret these various scans and images are very helpful.  

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I don't think they have misled me in any way though more information ie pictures/videos would always be helpful.

Just to clarify on this particular aspect - I don't think anyone is suggesting that either. What we are saying (certainly what _I_ am trying to say) is that while not misleading, the information they have provided is at the very least not unequivocal. This is because of the lack of standardisation. On the other hand, if Joshua has access to a Sarin scan of the diamond and he says it's a well cut stone, I'd be inclined to believe him - but that's very different from a "very good" cut attribution from a vendor that isn't very specific about what that means.


It's not just a question of "more information"; it's a question of relevance; buying on an unknown cut grading methodology may be equivalent at buying a car based on paint colour or tyre size... and not knowing which of the two pieces of info you are getting. Or it may be equivalent to buying the car based on the overall result of a thorough inspection by a competent mechanic.

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