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What I don't understand about fluorescence is why there are so many mixed opinions about its affect on a diamond's appearance. I seems like the '97 GIA study is very clear that fluorescence has little to no affect on a diamond's overall clarity/brilliance. But there are still tons of articles online that warn consumers to avoid it, especially in colorless diamonds. While shopping I'm also noticing a price difference of sometimes 1k-1.5k in some diamonds listed online. This scares me because I feel like if fluorescence truly had no noticeable affect on a diamond, retailers wouldn't be willing to mark them down so much. So, the whole issue just confuses me and I don't understand why there isn't a consensus among dealers/appraisers on this. Any further clarification you could give me about this would be helpful.





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The consensus among dealers etc. is that diamonds with fluorescence are harder to sell because of the (rather remote) risk that they are overblue/hazy/oily in sunlight. On this forum, I think a majority of the regulars like fluorescence (aesthetically), and pretty much everybody "likes" them financially, though the level of caution that people call into play varies. Bear in mind that each of us - whether a small or a large trader - reports his/her own experience, and it takes relatively little to sour one's view about something (all you need is ONE stone that turns out to be unsaleable).


Frankly, I think a lot of the lack of consensus you see/hear is:


1. Internet noise - where, as typical of any rumour, negatives get amplified faster and louder than positives

2. Lack of training and awareness. The '97 GIA study that you mention is nearly 20 years old, but the majority of jewellers don't even know it exists, never mind having read and understood what it says.

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Ok, thanks. The diamonds I'm considering are graded D and E in color and medium in Fluorescence. A lot of what I've read on this site and from others who aren't as bothered by fluorescence say it's only a problem for a very small percentage very strong blue fluorescent diamonds. This goes along with what the vendor is telling me and they're also stating that their gemologists will view the diamond to ensure there's no negative affect on the specific diamond before setting it. Buying online is tough! Just wanted to make sure they're not discounting a stone specifically because it's milky or hazy. But, going by everything I've read I think my fears are alleviated.

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Davide nailed it. 


Im totally fine with fluorescence on all levels as long as you are working with a jeweler and INDEPENDENT APPRAISER who can confirm the diamond is not negatively impacted in any way (besides price :)) by the diamonds fluorescence.


I think its important to note that diamonds can exhibit haziness and milkiness without fluorescence.


If you are working with a reputable online jeweler they should always tell you about these problems. 

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