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What's The Deal With Internet Pricing


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I'm shopping on a reputable online diamond site but I don't understand their pricing discrepancies at all. For example... They had two diamonds both from Russia .90, D, VVS2, Ideal cut diamonds with medium Fluorescence. One was listed at 7400 and the other cost 8600.


I asked the CS rep what accounted for the difference and she admitted she had no idea. I realize they can set their own prices but I'm a little nervous at seeing such a wild swing with no explanation.


Anyone have any idea what would account for this??

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Diamonds online represent the spot market. They are priced by the wholesalers but the website (I believe you are talking about Brilliant Earth here) has fairly loose standards for what they consider "ideal."


So prices are set by wholesalers (worldwide) and then marked up by the websites. So prices can vary greatly. 


In this case if you provide links I may be able to tell you if there is an actual reason for the price difference. 

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