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Choosing A 3/4C Radiant Cut Diamond


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Hi all!  I'm looking for a 0.74-0.95 carat, D-G/IF-VS1, square radiant cut diamond.  I seem to be pretty pathetic at telling a good cut from a bad cut, so I've been relying pretty heavily on Enchanted Diamonds's cut score calculator thing to narrow my options and then making sure the pictures don't look terrible.  The cost of the entire ring (simple yellow gold solitaire setting) needs to stay below $5000.


Thus far, I'm down to two options:




Do you guys have any thoughts on those two diamonds or other recommendations for me?


Thanks so much!

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I don't put much confidence in the ED cut score thing but those two stones are QUITE different.  The JA one is decidedly rectangular, for example.  Given that your goal was a square radiant, I would call that a deal killer right out of the gate.


There's a significant price bump that happens at 0.90cts.  Is there a reason that you're sort criteria crosses this boundary?   Comparing a 0.79 to a 0.91 isn't exactly apples to apples. 

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Thanks for the speedy response!  I started looking for a 3/4 carat square, but after having little luck finding anything that looked great, I've been expanding the search for both size and squareness (i.e. ratio went from anything under 1.05 to anything under 1.1).


If you have other options, I'd love to see them!

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I actually try to avoid doing that but since you're goal is to maximize the ED score, the ED guys are pretty cooperative about helping with that.  Have you contacted them?  The list of available stones is more than what's on the site so they may be able to source something for you that fits what you're looking for.  

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Fair enough.


My use of the ED score is pretty arbitrary.  As I said, I don't really know what else to use to find a nicely cut/good looking radiant diamond online.


I have talked some folks at ED.  These were the other things they sent my way:




As you can see, they're still over the 0.9 carat mark, and I'm not sure that they look as good.

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The ‘premium’ for 0.90 is a problem as well as a feature.  Cutters are, of course, aware of this boundary as well.  Their job is to maximize money out of a particular piece of rough and, to the extent that they can cut it in a way that crosses one of these price/weight borders, they’re going to do it.  That’s why 0.8x’s are so hard to come by and 0.9x’s are comparatively plentiful.  You’ll see the same thing happening at 1.00, 2.00, 0.70, and other critical boundaries.  Basically you just need to decide where you want to land and understand that when you get near these boundaries it has an affect on things other than just weight.

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