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I Can See The Band Setting Through The Diamond. Is This Normal?


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So I bought a GIA certified oval 1.55 internally flawless ring online. It came with an appraisal and I had the GIA laser inscription checked at a local jeweler. This diamond was already placed on an open setting on a white gold band with a halo setting. Anyway, with that said, I can see the band through the middle of the oval diamond. Of course, it's not clear, but you can definitely see the band through it. Is this normal and could it have been avoided?


Attached is the diamond ring in two different pictures. Please help/give me your advice! : )



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This has nothing whatever to do with clarity, polish or symmetry.   It's a cutting question.  Questions like this are part of the reason for getting it appraised.   I presume you didn't choose your appraiser.  Perhaps you should.   <_<

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I appreciate the response.

This oval diamond has NONE for cutlet
62.3% for Depth
56% Table
Medium to Thick girdle
And no florescence.


It falls into the recommended/preferred dimensions on all counts based on my research and professionals I spoke with prior.


Plus when I look online, there seems to be a lot of diamonds where you can make out the band. Are you saying this isn't normal and is considered a flaw in the diamond?


Thanks again for message.

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No, that's not what I"m saying at all.  

Chances are good that what you're seeing is called the bowtie, and they are present in ALL non-round diamonds to one extent or another.  More specifically I'm saying that since you already hired an appraiser to evaluate the stone for you, and since they've seen it and I haven't, that makes them the place to start with these questions.  If the appraiser was actually hired by and working for the seller and not you, you might consider hiring one of your own.  It's not usually very expensive and helps answer exactly this sort of question  


If it's really true that you can see through the stone, that would definitely be a bad thing but again, I don't think this it's actually very likely.

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