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European (Or Mine) Cut, Yellow Gold 16 Stones - Need Some Advice


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Hi all,


I am new here and decided to join after I found this forum to be most comprehensive, friendly, knowledgeable.  I have been giving myself quite an education the last several hours and found your threads and links most helpful!  Ok, enough of the ego boosting ;) and on to my questions.


I have a vintage, original (belonged to family member) yellow gold ring with 16 diamonds in a waterfall/spiral design. 


I got two appraisals back in 1989, one at E. B. Horn in Boston (lived there) and the other at Shrode Jewelers in FL (where my mom lives and gave me the ring).  EBH gave a very limited one and Shrode's quite complete.  The appraisals fall within $200 of each other. I realize this was the replacement/insurance value.


I have attached them both below and would like your input on the differences and overall opinion.  EBH referred to color and clarity as A-2.  After much searching in the past I was never able to find this grade - until today!  Unless I am understanding this wrong (from GIA site) that this was the grading pre-1950, which is now the D-Z.  Yhey also differ on cuts (Mine & European).  I have read some posts here (and elsewhere) about the differences, I lean toward European, but what do I know...that is why I am here.


I have attached them both below and would like your input on the differences and overall opinion. I do have photos of the ring, but wanted feedback first (also why I left out value even though it was 25 years ago). 


Sorry so long winded, but wanted to give you as much info as possible.  Thank you!!







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Thanks for the ego bumps, but I don't really understand what you're asking.  I don't know that clarity scale either but it may not really matter.  The difference between OEC and OMC has to do with the size of the table and culet, the girdle outlines, and the length of the lower girdle facets.  None of that is included so we have nothing to work from.  

Chances are good that if you want to insure it, the insurer is going to demand a new appraisal anyway.  If your question is about something else, like resale value, an insurance document from 1989 really doesn't help. 

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I'm also unsure of what you are asking... this said, there are three facts on which the two appraisals agree:


1. There are 16 diamonds (duh!)

2. The diamonds are old cut

2. The metal is 14 kt yellow gold


Other than that, they don't even agree on the total estimated weight of diamonds (2.5 vs. 1.75 ct).


Coming up with a value conclusion based on inconsistent, second-hand information without seeing the object is an impossible task, and as you are aware, quite apart from the issue of age of the reports, the purpose for which they were written is not the same as a "resale" valuation.


FWIW, the easiest way of recognising OEC from OMC is that OEC are decidedly more rounded in shape, but again there will always be borderline stones where the other characteristics that Neil listed will become more important.

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Hello Davide and Neil,


Thank you for your replies.  I apologize for the vagueness in my post - I think the rest of the conversation was in my head :-/


I was wondering if (the collective) you had opinions as to why the differnces in the two appraisals, but you are correct, w/o photos (below) and more specific info you are in the dark. 


What I do understand, that you both said, regarding insurance I would likely need a new appraisal and that the value is the replacement/insurance value and not resale.  I have it insured along with other items in possession (renter's ins.) but I would like to sell it.


I had looked up a glossary of terms.  I have a 16x lens and a pair of digital calipers - can I take any of the exposed dims on my own - e.g. table?  As you can see from pics it is (I believe) Pave making it difficult for me to get the culet, but maybe table?


Ok here are some of the pics. - Thank you














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Those look like Euros in the photograph but, for purposes of resale valuation it doesn't really matter much.  This is a fashion question and, at least around here, that sort of thing isn't a big seller.  It may turn into an issue of just salvaging the parts so that they can be made into something else.  That's not a gemological question and you need someone with expertise in the local marketplace.  Where are you?  Do you have the ring or is it with your Mom?

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Unfortunately, I don't think "measuring" is going to be necessary. The issue is the following:


1. The materials (say 2 carats of OEC and 8 grams of 14 kt gold) are worth a few $100 for resale as scrap:


* Gold scrap is about $35/gram of fine gold, you have fewer than 5 grams;

* The diamonds are unsaleable except to someone who needs old cuts for repairs, and if you find someone they are unlikely to pay much: I can get "new" J-K SI old cuts in sizes below 0.20 for less than $500/ct from a source that guarantees cut quality, colour, clarity and gives me the size I want and trade terms. The range of 1.75 to 2.50 carats isn't going to make much difference, frankly.


2. The object is worth more as a whole ring (never mind the value it has to you because of association and provenance), but as a whole ring you are considerably more restricted as to your resale market: taste and size are the biggest problems (nothing wrong with your ring; it just won't fit everybody either physically or aesthetically). Selling locally means very few buyers, and selling on eBay or similar means a lot of competitors.


As to price you "could" ask, that varies a lot depending on where you are (or what's your target market) and how quickly you want to sell. Try going around to a few jewellers and ask them whether:


a. They want to buy it - for how much?

b. They want to help you sell it on consignment - how much do they think they can get for it?

c. How much they would sell something like that for... or even better if they have something like this for sale how much are they asking


(Probably not all 3 at the same time... or even to the same person/store!)


d. Take a look at sites that may sell something like that; apart from ebay, you may want to try these:





and bear in mind that these are all professional jewellers who have significant costs to bear and offer policies/guarantees that you cannot match as a private seller.

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