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Does This Bn Rb 0.4C Diamond Seem Eye-Clean? Need To Buy Tonight!


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I'm just about to pull the trigger on this diamond from Blue Nile, and would love for the more knowledgeable folks here to provide feedback before I go ahead.


Of course, it being an SI1 diamond, my main concern is it being Eye-Clean, which Blue Nile has confirmed it is.


That being said, here are the stats:


Price - $835
Measurements 4.77 - 4.80 x 2.88 mm
Carat Weight 0.40 carat
Color Grade F
Clarity Grade SI1
Cut Grade Excellent
Depth 60.2 %
Table 57 %
Crown Angle 34.5°
Crown Height 14.5%
Pavilion Angle 40.6°
Pavilion Depth 43.0%
Star Length 50%
Lower Half 80%
Girdle Thin to Medium, Faceted, 2.5%
Culet None
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Fluorescence Strong Blue
Clarity Characteristics Crystal



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No clues.  The seller, or perhaps their supplier looked at it and said it's eye clean. That, of course, doesn't make it true but it's more than anyone else has to go on.  That means you're grading the grader, not the diamond.  Do you trust BN to trust their supplier to tell it to you straight?  They're a pretty credible outfit and I would be inclined to believe them, at least up to the point that you can look at it yourself or show it to YOUR chosen expert but it's worth remembering that you're at least two steps removed and possibly more at this point.


On the other hand, Most GIA 0.40 SI1's ARE eye clean, even for eagle eyed customers who know exactly what to look for.  


Here's the link if anyone else wants to comment.  New posters aren't allowed to post links for anti-spam reasons.  



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Hi Yagomi,


The stone overall looks good as does the price with the exception of the "strong blue" fluor.  Most of the time this may have little to no impact on the actual look of the diamond, but there are enough exceptions that it would be important for you to see this diamond in person before purchasing it.  Most importantly, you want to make sure the diamond does not have a bluish cast or oily look when in direct sunlight.  This can happen with strong blue fluorescent stones.  The good thing here is that you are considering a BN stone and they have a very generous return policy but I am always hesitant to suggest giving such an important symbol to someone special, just to be in a position of having to return it after the fact.


Good luck.


As Neil correctly points out the "eye clean" determination can fairly loosely interpreted but I am working on the assumption that the inclusion in a GIA graded SI1 0.4ct stone will likely be minimal to the naked eye.

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