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What You Think Of This Stone?


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Have you seen it?  Do you love it?


On paper it looks like a nice stone.What's your question?  


There's a few hundred left on the table in terms of price if you're inclined to fight for it by the way.  That exact stone is offered by a couple of dealers in the Diamond Finder at the top of the page if you're one to argue over this sort of thing.  Most dealers will price match if you show them a competitive ad for the same stone.  


Here's a link to the stone to make it easier if anyone else wants to look it up. 



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The dealers cost of that diamond is 12,725. Its currently located in Mumbai, unless you're in India it will be tough to see that diamond in person without having yourself or your dealer order it. 


So OP your deal is phenomenal as far as markup goes! Well well well in the realm of wholesale.


See if your diamond dealer or jeweler will offer you a Sarine Light Report to be sure of its amazingness.


Diamond looks stellar to me! I would definitely get it in your home and to an appraiser for review.


Good luck and congrats!! 

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It's listed for sale here at $12,581.  I certainly agree that this doesn't necessarily mean they can and will actually get it for that but it IS advertised as such.  In any case,I agree that $13k is very reasonable.  Heck, YOU have it listed at $12,900.00 so we're splitting hairs over a 2% range.  The offer to you at $12,725 doesn't mean that this is the same offer being made to everyone else by the way.  B2C is an Indian company and they may have different partnerships than you.  




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Neil, totally agree and it seems the price of that diamond went up between when the diamondreview feed was updated and today. I see its listed for 12,9 but the price is up to 13,3 on our site. 


I think they will honor the OP's original price though. This is a likely explanation for the price discrepancy across the board. 

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