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New Stone! A Potential Winner???


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Went to see the 3.25 Ritani stone today (I wrote about this in another thread). Though it was "eye clean" the inclusions were simply too many and too dispersed for me. Looking with a loupe, it was hard to find a "clean" looking section. I also had concerns about it being deep and having a high crown angle and crown percentage (62.8, 36, 16.5 respectively)


Meanwhile....my local jeweler (a nice, low pressure kind of guy) brought in two stones which we saw in person today. One of them, I believe, might be just right. 



Thanks for your patience and guidance so far - please tell me what you think about this one:


GIA Triple X

GIA Report Number 2155967980

3.02 Carats

J, Si2 (I was hoping or an I color, but perhaps the cut on this one will be a good trade off. It has one inclusion on the table that is easy to see with a loupe but invisible without one. The rest of the stone looks clear)


Depth: 61.5%

Table: 58% (I really like small tables, but a well cut 58% table is preferable to a poorly cut 55% table)

Crown Angle 34.5 degrees

Crown Height 14.5 %

Pavilion Angle 40.8 degrees

Pavilion Depth 43%

Star Length 50%

Lower Half 80%

Girdle: Medium to slightly thick , faceted 4%

Culet: none

Fluorescence: None

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent



It scored 1.5 (within TLC Range) on the HCA and, while I'm not very experienced with the ideal scope, it looked very pink with no leakage (except for those little triangles that you see along the girdle on  Idealscope images).


I calculated the AGA cut Grade from David Atlas's website and came up with the following:



  • Length:9.22
  • Width:9.27
  • Depth:5.68
  • Total Depth:61.44%
  • Table percent:58
  • Crown height:14.5
  • Girdle (from):Medium
  • Girdle (to):Slightly thick
  • Polish:Excellent / Very Good
  • Symmetry:Excellent / Very Good
  • Crown angle:34.5
  • Pavilion depth:43



  • Tab Percent: 1A
  • Crown Angle: 1A
  • Crown Height: 1A
  • Pavilion Depth: 1A
  • Girdle: 1A
  • Depth: 1A
  • Polish: 1A
  • Symmetry: 1A
  • TotalGrade: 1A
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It looks good on paper. Make sure you are OK with the colour; look at it in different lights (particularly dimmer, incandescent lighting) against different types of background and from different angles. If the seller has a setting that more or less fits the stone, ask him to pop it in and look at it in there too.

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This sounds like a great option.  J color stones can face up white if the proportions are are right and it looks like they are here.  If the setting you are planning on getting has melée or side stones on it, make sure you ask your jeweler to make them match the color of the center.  The last thing you want is for the small accent stones to out-white (new word) the center.


All the best,

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