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How Much Should I Pay For This Diamond?


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Hi All,


I want to add this Orangy brown diamond to my collection.

Here is the GIA report number 16788570


There is no price list for fancy color diamond. If someone can give me there opinion on the dollar value range. I want to make sure the dealer is not going to over price it too much?


GIA report number 16788570

Its a Fancy Dark Orangy Brown diamond over 2 carat and SI2 Clarity


What is your valuation for it?


Any guess is welcome.



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Joseph - as for all the other diamonds you have posted about, the same observation holds true: the grading of fancy colour diamonds is not very useful to determine prices... a fancy dark brown could be so dark as to be virtually a piece of coal, or it could be quite sparkly and lively. "Orangy" covers from barely a hint of orange to a fairly noticeable shade, and so on.


We have a few similarly graded stones listed - prices per carat vary from about $750 to over $2500 depending on a lot of things (size of the stone not least); it's a pretty big range, but perhaps it helps you figure out something on the stone you are looking at.

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