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Would This Warrant A Refund/send It Back (Engagment Halo Ring)?


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I was looking at the engagement ring I bought and I noticed that on the halo band itself there are 2 "defects".


I circled them in black if that helps any...


On the first picture there is a blackened indentation.  You'll only see where the reflection of that indentation is divided.


On the second picture there is a slight chip in the gold.


Again, these are minor and on the sides of the halo gold band.  Would you ask for a replacement or a refund?


Was this done when the jeweler was making the band or from the jeweler who put the diamond in the prongs?



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That’s up to you.  It’s probably not all that difficult to repair if they’ve got a laser welder but how much you want to push it is up to you.  I see it as sort of like having a minor paint ding on your brand new car.  To be sure, the dealer should deal with it if it’s their fault, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it defective and demand a refund (unless you've got other issues and you're just looking for an excuse).


Did you get this from a local store where you can easily show up and ask them to fix it or does it involve a bit of shipping?

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It will involve a bit of shipping.  I asked the company via customer online chat and they requested photos via e-mail first.  So I'm going to send them the 2 photos and a couple others.


I was just curious if it would even be worth shipping out of state, waiting for them to repair it, then ship it back...

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Again, it's your call.  If it bugs you, yes, especially if you don't need to pry it off of her finger and if it won't screw up your presentation schedule to have it out of your hands for a week or so.  They should be able to give you a schedule for what to expect in terms of a timeline.   Most of the Internet dealers have arrangements with FedEx or UPS to deal with the shipping/insurance issues.  Overnight shipping works pretty well if both you and they are in the US.


If she's already got it and it doesn't bug HER, I'd drop it.

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Id just let the jeweler know and ask him to please make sure he takes care of it when you bring it in  - and let her enjoy it freely for the time being... I hear all the time that they dont want to take it off even for a moment :)


Let her enjoy it and have the jeweler take care of it later!



BTW: They dont pay for the warranty shipping? Thats going to get expensive if you have to pay for the warranty shipping!

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They did offer to repair it for me, and already sent me an overnight shipping label that is paid.


@Denver It bugs me a little but not too much.  My mom told me to go buy some silk stockings (cheap ones from Wal-Mart) and test to see if it catches, hahaha). 


I haven't presented it to her yet, I still have 3 weeks.


@Joshua they provide warranty with the shipping, I heard it's like $1000 or $1500.  Not the value of the whole ring but better than nothing I guess...

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If you have 3 weeks I would say go ahead and have them fix it up. Because once it goes on, it hardly ever comes off...


Also its great that they pay for shipping, is that always the case? I.e. for the lifetime?


We get rings here all the time at Enchanted for cleaning, and believe me I know what a ring looks like that hasnt been taken off for years :)

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Also I think you confused warranty and insurance? It seems like they provide insurance when shipping the diamond.


But I was asking if your jeweler provides a lifetime warranty or any warranty on the ring at all - i.e. if a diamond goes missing or a stone chips or she bangs her hand and damages the ring, who covers it? Do you have to pay for repairs + shipping?


For example, she is wearing the ring and two years later a diamond breaks or goes missing (sidestones) - who pays to replace the diamond and fix the ring?

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