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*enchanted Diamonds Review And Showroom Experience*


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As a first time diamond purchaser, I'd like to share a little bit about my pleasant experience with Enchanted Diamonds and their team.  First, a little about me and my fiancé to be: we are both born and raised New Yorkers and have had our share of good and bad retail experiences.  When purchasing the loose round brilliant stone for the engagement ring, we wanted to find the best quality stone in my budget, and I wanted to buy the stone from a company and salesperson I could trust.


Initially, we visited all the jewelry stores in our area to get a lay of the land so to speak and to see what a top quality diamond looked like.  Of course, our experiences ranged from poor to excellent, with sleazy 47th street diamond hawkers ranking towards the bottom and the champagne-serving Tiffany sales professionals ranging at the top.  Several things became clear to me: almost all the diamonds we saw were of mediocre quality and EVERY diamond was marked up significantly from wholesale cost.  As for the 4 Cs, I learned that cut (as well as polish and symmetry) were by far the most important factors in determining a round diamond's brilliance, scintillation and fire.  However, determining the quality of a diamond's cut, polish, and symmetry was not that easy.  While GIA's cut, polish, and symmetry scores were helpful, there were some "excellent" diamonds that are better than others (i.e. one angle or other measurement might not be absolutely ideal, but the diamond would still earn an "excellent" rating).


So the trick was to find a trustworthy dealer with a low markup and a rating system that could capture a diamond's cut score without the tedium of having to look over every number value on the corresponding GIA report.


I just so happened to Google a certain diamond's GIA number and one of the results led me to Enchanted Diamonds' website and their exclusive "cut score" rating.  At first I thought the cut score rating was a bit gimmicky, but I soon realized that a diamond with a cut score of "100" would be rated at the very apex of any other cut rating system I could find.  That meant I could confidently search diamonds with only cut scores of 100 and focus on the other Cs.


After I found a diamond I liked, I made my first call to Enchanted Diamonds.  The recorded voice greeting is reminiscent of a Windows 98 computer voice, but don't let that throw you off like it did for me.  Josh and his entire team are at the top of their game in terms of diamond knowledge, catering to their customers' needs, and providing a truly one of a kind diamond buying experience.  After speaking with Josh, he understood what I was looking for and found several diamonds that met my requirements.  Thereafter, Josh invited us to come to their NY showroom to view the diamonds in person.


As for the "showroom," it's not fancy or impressive in any way.  It's a large one room office that serves as Enchanted Diamond's call center, retail space, and break room.  While the showroom isn't pretty, Josh and his team had virtually everything I needed to determine diamond quality including tools to determine fluorescence, "hearts and diamonds" symmetry, and a speckle light.  Josh even had several bottles of champagne ready for us because we told him about our Tiffany's experience.


There were several unexpected pleasantries.  First, Josh introduced me to what is known as the Sarine light report, which makes it even easier to ascertain a diamond's fire, brilliance and scintillation.  Our diamond received a score of "Ultimate 3" which means that it's light return is superb.  This available report puts Enchanted Diamonds two strides ahead of their competition when it comes to rating a round brilliant diamond's cut quality: their exclusive cut score (+1) and the accompanying Sarine light report (+1).  Second, Josh made sure that our diamond buying experience was absolutely one of a kind.  We designed a custom setting that shows off the stone I bought; we were even able to review and approve of the small stones set in the band; and then watch the main stone being set.  I know that a hands-on experience isn't for everyone, but I can't think of anyone who was even offered that type of diamond purchasing experience.


As for the total price, I would estimate that a stone and setting with similar specs would cost 4 to 6 grand more on competing websites.  Add in the customer service factor, and in my opinion, Enchanted Diamonds is a game-changer for the diamond industry, especially in the New York metropolitan area.



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