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Is This Diamond To Yellow?


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No clues.  J is borderline to I so yes, some are very close.  If you're unhappy with it and you're still within your return period, take it back.  There's plenty of diamonds out there.  If you can't take it back, don't sweat it and be happy.  In any case, that photo doesn't help.  sorry. 

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As Neil mentioned, this picture really does not help.  That said it looks like this is taken in a fairly low light situation, as such, any body color will be more apparent than if you were photographing it with more direct white lighting.

From a logical standpoint, using the same reasoning that a J is close to an I, a J can also be close to a K.  From the picture you have posted it is impossible to tell where your stone stands in the J range. 

Most important is for you to be happy with the stone, not the label.


Hope this helps.

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The real issue is whether "J" in general is too yellow or whether this stone crosses the magical "too yellow" line - but the only way to answer this is to go out and see more "J" (and I, and K). Or - if you can - return this, which is likely to be tainted in your eyes, and start again after looking at several more diamonds in different colour grades.


FWIW, not only the low (possibly incandescent?) lighting doesn't help; the presence of yellow/brown wood doesn't help either: diamonds pick up light from the environment, and if the light is coloured, guess what? The diamond shows colour too.


The stone on the left of this image was graded E-F (by us, and we try to stick to GIA standards). The photographer wore a red shirt. What do you see?



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Excellent point Davide.  Photographing diamonds is one of the trickiest kinds of photography.  My wife always asks me why I only wear blue or white shirts and the answer is entirely about photography.  The illustration above is a perfect example.

George.  Decades ago, when I was apprenticing in a jewelry store, the owner of the store taught me one of his trade secrets.  Whenever he was buying diamonds he would put on a yellow shirt.  He was convinced that it got him better prices, which I sort of doubt, but it definitely got him into a different mindset.  Darned near everything had a hint of yellow.   

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