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Purple Diamond Vs Pink Diamond


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Hi All,


I saw this diamond.. GIA report number is 5151982088.


What is more rare


a PINK or Purple diamond?


This one is a pinkish purple diamond?


The carat is 0.23ct.


They are asking for $1500 USD.


Is it worth the value?


It has been clarity enhanced. Does that reduce the value?


Thank you

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Treatments are a huge topic in diamonds and many other gems.  



I'm not seeing anything on that GIA report to indicate clarity enhancement and I don't think they'll issue a color origin (or any other) report on a CE stone.   Is this something that your dealer is saying was done after the GIA inspection?



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HI.. Yes, I found that the clarity enhance was done after the report was issued.


The color is natural but the clarity is enhance.


This will devalue the stone, but is it still worth the price? $1500.00 US. (Will you buy it?)


Now it looks like a SI2 or I1 clarity.

Also, if I was send the stone back to GIA to get it exam and make sure the color matches with the report.

Will GIA still do it and re issue another report? Usually how does that work?

if I want to verify the color is correct and clarity enhancement did not change the color of the stone.



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GIA will not issue any of their standard reports on a CE stone.  Not even the one that just calls the mineral a diamond but that doesn’t include any sort of grading information.  Since the stone has been modified since they saw it, it’s not an ‘update’ or any sort of confirmation job either so I would expect them to just decline the job.


Resale doesn’t seem to be the question you’re asking but it’s certainly true that this would be a difficult item to sell or trade.  That is to say, most diamonds are a problem here, and this one would be worse.  Do not go into this or any other diamond deal expecting to ever see your money again.  That said, if the question is whether you could find another one like it cheaper from somewhere else, no, I doubt it.  It’s not so much the price as that it’s such a bloody unusual item.   I don’t recall EVER seeing a stone that was clarity enhanced after they went through the trouble to get GIA paperwork on it.  Frankly it makes little sense to me.  The reason a seller would want to get it ‘certified’ as an untreated natural stone is so they can sell it to customers who find that important but then why get it treated afterwards?

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As you know, I have a few collection. I am missing this color.

Hard to find a natural GIA Pinkish Purple diamond out there for this price....


But I want it 100% untouch.

If they did not CE it. and the clarity is say I2 or I3.


What do you think it will be worth to pay for it.


Is there a way to the CE revsered some how so it because natural again


what do you think will be a fair price if this was a I2 or I3.

I am more interested in the natural color?

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No way of saying "how much" regardless of the enhancement status without seeing the stone. A top quality small, natural fancy pinkish purple could be $50,000/ct, but one can find stones for 1/20 of that or less. The clarity grade per se isn't very indicative of the price; I2-I3 goods won't reach $50k/ct but they can still vary between $10k/ct and 1000/ct. depending on how visually bad the inclusions are (and above all what the colour actually looks like).


Reversing the clarity enhancement depends on the type of enhancement: if it has been fracture filled, very possibly yes. If it has been laser-drilled or HPHT treated no.


Lastly, I'd be quite worried about the fact that any enhancements have been done to the stone at all after the GIA report has been issued. What has happened to the colour?


BTW - here is a "bad" I2-I3, currently on sale on eBay at about $1000/ct (it also has some brown in the colour, which doesn't help the price at all):





And here is a "good" I2 - graded fancy light pink:


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