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Please Help Me Select A Diamond!!!


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I am looking to buy an engagement ring and I have selected three diamonds from JameAllen. I have their Gemologist to look at the diamond and also got the Ideal Scope Image. I really need help choosing one.


1. $7990, 1.06ct, G, VS2, Ex/Ex/Ex



2.$7,580, 1.10ct, G, SI2, Ex/Ex/Ex (True Hearts)



3.$8,380, 1.12ct, G, VS2, Ex/Ex/Ex




Gemologist Opinion:

"diamond sku 280182 is your top contender along with diamond sku 237872, which comes in at a very close second.  Diamond sku 280182 is the most brilliant out of the three diamonds.  It has excellent cut proportions and fire.  The diamond has a lot of life and sparkle.


Diamond sku 375499 is another great diamond, however compared to the other two diamonds it appears a bit darker.  The Gemologist said it is still a very good recommendation and performs only slightly less than the other two diamonds."


This is first time buying a diamond, so I am not sure if this is best choice for what I am paying.


Please help me choosing one, and any comments are welcome.







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Hi there!


#1 looks like a fantastic option - I give it a 100 cut score out of 100 - going to be a super bright diamond


#2 doesnt look eye clean to me, you will very likely see some inclusions if you look close enough. I dont think will be as bright as #1 or #3, I give it a 94 cut score.


#3 I think it might be a bit cloudy, also the .10 difference in carat weight really isnt worth the price difference from #1

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Hello Joshua,


Thank you for the opinion!  Would #1 be worth the money that they are asking for?


Im finding better diamonds (better color and clarity) with as good a cut (super ideal) for around $7500 - I think you can do better. These diamonds have no fluorescence either and everything equally as stellar. 


Im seeing a few G VS1's and a few F VS2's. 

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You can find many of Joshua's diamonds here:




I have tried to "preselect" diamonds based on the 3 stones you picked, but:


1. This is a very broad selection, several thousands of stones

2. Play with the filters as much as you like! It's free and anonymous.

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Davide, Id say thats too broad and you didnt consider his price/budget in your search - the diamonds I am seeing are either better color and clarity or a better price for the same quality of diamond and cut...


The diamonds I'm seeing arent so obvious with Davide's search or my search, but they do exist!




You can see that James Allen's price is higher for equally ideal cut diamonds - you might have to sift through a slew of listings but you'll find what Im talking about from a multitude of online jewelers, for a lower price. 

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Could you suggest some of them?


I honestly would if I could but Im not allowed to do so, its against forum rules for jewelers to post anything from our sites. 


Do some more homework and reach out to me if you have any questions - there are options out there!


Joshua, and any of the other posters, can be contacted directly through their own websites.  There's a link at the bottom of every single post and you'll usually find a 'contact us' page when you get there.  In a direct email exchange we can all can say whatever we want.  Keeping the forum free of overt advertising makes it both easier to read and more useful for customer education purposes. 

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#2 doesnt look eye clean to me, you will very likely see some inclusions if you look close enough.


#3 I think it might be a bit cloudy

Joshua, You have absolutely NO basis for either of these statements.  You’ve not seen the stones and neither have I but you simply cannot grade ‘eye clean’ or transparency from a photograph, especially a photograph taken by an unknown 3rd party under unknown conditions with unknown post processing.  Neither the GIA plot, the clarity grades given or the IS images provided are of help here.   

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I happen to be very familiar with JA's videography process. They use - http://segoma.com/ - Ive had the experience of seeing JA's diamonds in photos and in real life, to the tune of a few hundred over the years. 


Also you'll notice I very carefully use the words "to me", "very likely", and "I think"


Sending some Chamomile Tea your way...



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