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Opinions On Gia Diamond


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On paper it looks fine. The key question is whether the inclusion is in any way visible, and the extent to which that bothers you.


Similar diamonds on the Diamond Finder are priced between $2 and 3000 - which once you add VAT at 20% and £300 for a plain setting (another moving part...) get your offer at the top of that range but not much beyond it.

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I have attached a GIA report and I would appreciate your thoughts on this diamond. The price including setting is below £2500


That will be a gorgeous diamond, we gave it a 93/100 cut score with the Enchanted Diamonds Cut Score Calculator - and the price you are getting with the setting is pretty great. Good job!

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Davidelevi, I will be able to see it next week and that feels so far away.


Joshua,thankyou for the check its very much appreciated and comforting.


Guys a thankyou for ur time and effort although all is far from settled. Once the purchase is complete then I will rest.

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Hahaha! And Im sure you'll be back for more great advice... There are all sorts of jewelry gifts expected!!


1. Wedding Band

2. Anniversary Band

3. Push Presents (pregnancy gifts)

4. Just because

5. Get off the couch present (for those times you are banished to the couch!)

6. Im sure she'll come up with many more reasons :)

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