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Does This Diamond Look Right In This Halo Setting?


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I'm curious if the diamond looks fine in this halo setting?  I recently got my ring back from the jeweler all set and am wondering if there isn't too much of a gap between the halo and the diamond itself? Or am I being too picky about it?


Perhaps because my diamond (.5 carat) wasn't big enough to "stick" outward with the prongs and make it appear more flush with the inward cushion halo section from a bird's eye view?


If I remember Zoara's policy, because they had to do a modification on this setting I don't think I could even return it.  I do like the overall look of the halo and pave though.


Here's the link to the halo on the website, unfortunately no real photos of set rings on their site. I bought the yellow gold setting...




In the photos provided in the website have a round diamond so it wouldn't be 100% flush looking from the bird's eye view anyways.  My diamond is a cushion cut so it matches more the halo.


I attached some photos of my finished ring.  Now I'm pretty zoomed in on the 2nd and 3rd...from further out it isn't as noticeable.  What do you pros think?  Could it be the prongs causing that small gap, my stone not big enough, all in my mind, etc.?





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Yes there is a gap. The issue is that "cushion shape" is so vague as to be meaningless: there is no standard for the radii of the corners and of the facets, so unless you build the halo literally around each specific stone you will end up with a gap. In addition, the design seems deliberately to place the prongs between the halo and the stone rather than having them come up from underneath it, which will make eliminating a gap practically impossible even if the profiles of the halo and the stone were exactly the same:





"Too much of a gap" is entirely up to you to determine; one of the reasons why I'm not a fan of pre-built settings is that I do not like gaps... but not having a gap means custom build and more expense (or a lot of luck).



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I'd prefer there not to be a gap but I don't think it looks bad.  Just not the purpose of a true halo setting.  I would prefer that the prongs came from underneath but that would have required a custom job (which I probably wouldn't be able to afford) or hope all would have gone well with a different halo.  The price I got was pretty good for halo rings as I shopped around.


But the ring is mine and it'll have to do.  In a sense the prongs set the diamond out in a sort of layered affect making it "pop" out a little more.  I just hope she likes it, she'll be the one wearing it.  :)

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