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Question On Gift For 15 Year Old Daughter


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Hello all,


My daughter will be turning 15 in a couple of months and I am trying to decide what to get her. She has mentioned wanting a ring of some sort or maybe some nice ear rings. I don't want to spend a fortune since she is only 15 but I want to get her something nice.


Any suggestions? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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"a fortune" and "nice" are relative terms.


I would stay away from rings; leave that to her future husband, unless you know that she is hankering after a particular design that isn't too similar to an engagement ring.


A decent pair of diamond ear studs don't cost the Earth (again, relatively... but you can find "decent" for less than $1000), but may be more than you want to spend - however there's plenty of other options: my daughter turned 10 this year, and we gave her a pair of pearl ear studs set in 18 kt gold which didn't cost a lot (~$400) but were good quality. She is wearing them every day unless she goes swimming, and I am pretty sure she will still be wearing them in 20 years time.

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