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Ladies And Gents, What Do You Want In An Engagement Ring Box?

Joshua Niamehr

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Very curious to know what folks want from an engagement ring box, the style, the size, the features, should it be subtly branded with your jewelers logo or would you rather have none of that on the box itself? 


Did you use your jewelers box, or purchase one on your own? 


How much would you spend on a ring box? Or would you only use one thats included?


Has anyone one heard of: http://getringcam.com/ they created a box that lets you take video and audio of the proposal right from the ring box. Would you pay for something like this if it was offered?


Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Interesting questions. I have never really thought about it. My husband just had the jewelers boxes for my rings but we never used them once he gave them to me. For me personally, I think since I haven't used them since we got the rings I would be fine with just the jewelers box. I think ours had the logo on it from where we got it. Or perhaps it was the logo of the ring style...Not really sure to be honest. If the box is something you are going to use on a regular basis then maybe a jewelry box would be in order. 


Not sure, as I mentioned before, I never really gave it much thought. 

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