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Colour Diamond


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Hi all,


I came across a color diamond (Gia certified fancy orange yellow).

I saw the diamond in an auction style warehouse environment, so couldn't get a really good look as far as reflection goes. I also know there is a white inclusion which is visible by naked eye if looked closely.


What's odd is that the Gia report provides very little info. There is no mentioning of the color, clarity grading at all. Is this normal?

Here's the Gia report link: http://www.gia.edu/otmm_wcs_int/proxy-pdf/?ReportNumber=1162050435&url=https://myapps.gia.edu/RptChkClient/reportClient.do?ReportNumber=77F20181CAB8BF474E9EA99A5DE80000


The diamond is 1.08ct. I have no previous experience with color diamonds at all. I'm interested in this as a novelty gift to a family member. But at the same time I would like to get a bargain given the environment this diamond is sold at.


Can anyone suggest what would be a reasonable ball park?





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That's an origin of color report.  It means that it's not treated, or more specifically that it wasn't treated as of the date of inspection.  They actually do list the color, fancy orangy yellow, but they don't include anything about cut or clarity on these.  Snoop around for comps. I would start at www.diamondsbylauren.com and www. leibish.com 

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Good assumption.  Usually they get that report because they don't like the clarity grade although the abbreviated report is a few dollars cheaper too.   Fancy color reports from GIA never have a cut grade.  


I've heard those reports described as being like a bikini on a girl.  They show a lot, but what they conceal is as important as what they reveal.  


Again, for prices look up comps.  I can't give a price on a stone I haven't seen and, basically, looking up comps is how I would approach it for an appraisal anyway.   You'll find a big range but that's basically what you get to work from.  You have to decide what's comparable and what to reject. 

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There's two reasons why people don't get a full report:


1. The colour origin is cheaper.

2. The person requesting the grading suspects the clarity grade may look not too good - even though the way clarity impacts (price of) fancy colours is very different from what happens for near-colourless, having I1 or I2 still makes for a more difficult resale.


Without seeing the diamond it's very difficult to say. The price doesn't sound so out of the ballpark that it's suspicious one way or the other; unfortunately, you could get a FOY that's $2k/carat and another that is $8k/carat and a lot of the "why" would not be captured anywhere on any report.

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Hi Guys,

I have not posted for a while... but came a cross a loose diamond I want to buy.

I saw this color diamond online. They are asking for $800 USD. Do you think the price is fair? or over asking.

It is a Fancy Purple pink diamond but the clarity is I2.

I manage to download there pictures. Please see report and pictures.

Any comment and feedback will be good.



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Hi Joseph,


Based on the info you have posted (report and a poor quality picture) I would only feel comfortable buying if the vendor had a clear return/refund policy allowing me to see the diamond, decide if I like it and get all of my money back (less shipping/credit card charges, possibly) if I don't. None of which is anything to do with the diamond itself, but a lot to do with the vendor.

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