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New Heading: This Woman Needs Help On My Simon G, Platinum, Diamond Engagement Ring!! :)


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**I tried to edit my original heading, bc after I posted I thought it read like I had advice! I NEED it!  Please help!!  post-134561-0-96027200-1412599127.jpgpost-134561-0-28363800-1412599153_thumb.jpgHi, I want to sell my platinum and diamond engagement ring. I guess I will also through in the info I have on the wedding band to see what you think price wise for each.  I went to a Jewelry Store that advertises selling diamond and gold at "top prices" and are 'reputable'.  I won't post the price YET on here just to see what I get in response, first but I was HIGHLY shocked and thought all the whispering and phone calls they were making over a 45 minute period meant good things because the stone is good quality from what I understood and the band. I am not dumb and realized the market of what it is worth and what I will get won't be close to what my husband paid.  The rings are both matching set "Simon G" with beautiful intricate work on the sides as "Simon G" is known for also *****please note:  the jeweler forgot to mention that there are 2 additional round diamonds (1 on each side of the ring) of E-F color on the wedding band that wasn't taken into the account of the band.****


I no longer have the diamond's GIA, but did have it appraised for insurance purposes several years ago, again I understand that this jeweler wanted me to get the highest retail value on my insurance on the values written in the letter.  I need the cash, so I don't want to spend more on the GIA recert, but advice on that and all the info the exact info the jeweler wrote below would help me. I don't know where to turn with this, pawn shop--not an option, I thought about going to the original jeweler where my husband bought the stone separately from the bands.


Your advice is so welcomed.  I know that there are some options that take forever to sell diamonds.  I am sick and blah, blah, blah everyone has a sob story and it will be hard to let my ring go, I will be heartbroken, but I have to seriously consider this.  Prices for both since it's a set would be helpful.  I really want to at least keep my band.  I don't want to get taken, it's going to be hard enough..Thank you in advance for your suggestions and professionalism.post-134561-0-23241600-1412597400_thumb. post-134561-0-96973800-1412597422.jpg


1.)  "One lady's diamond and platinum engagement style ring.  The round brilliant cut diamond measures 6.5 mm x 4.1 mm with a thick girdle for an approximate carat weight of 1.20 cts. It is SI1 in clarity and E-F in color.  The center stone is set with 4 prongs.  To the side of each diamonds are 4 square cut diamonds each measuring 2x2mm, .06 carats each, .48 total weight.  Clarity SI1, color F-H.  The side stones are channel set.  Inside the shank is engraved "Simon G" and PT900. Total gram weight of the platinum is 7.1 grams."


2.) " One diamond and platinum wedding band matching the above ring.  Channel set are 11 2x2mm square cut diamonds, .06 each of matching color and clarity to the ring above.  Size 6 3/4, weight 5.3 grams."  ****As I said the jeweler forgot the diamonds channel set, 1 round on each side.****


"Instruments used:  10x dark field gemscope/leverage gauge/color masters"

**Attached are 2 photos**

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PS:  The now retired jeweler was "GIA certified, graduate Gemologist" who performed the above market analysis.  


The jewelry store that was going to buy my ring laughed at me when I burst into tears when he said the amount of what their place (these are not the same places, in case their is confusion) and as I left said "You'll be back, you aren't getting better than that."


What a disgusting person eh?  They have over 6 locations and the original location is in a very affluent one here in Connecticut.  I never was so insulted and angry in my life.  Should I spend the money I really can't to have it rGIA ecerted or is it even worth it if a smart jeweler knows what he is looking at. I am at a loss.......

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