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Requesting Information On Vintage Magic Glo Rings.


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I have two gorgeous vintage rings that I would like more information on. I've seen some information for Magic Glo online, but am wondering if anyone knows if ALL of their jewelry was made with real diamonds? All that I have seen online state genuine. 

One of my rings states "32"(no "." before the numbers) in addition to "14k Magic Glo". The other simply says 14k Magic Glo.

Thanks for any help!

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Magic Glo was and is a big manufacturer for the chain stores.  'All' is a broad category and I would never make such a statement about any manufacturer, much less about a piece that may have been altered since they made it, but they made an awful lot of  bridal jewelry from the 70s to the 90s and all that I can recall seeing have been out of genuine components.  Mostly they make what's called a semi-mount, which is a ring without the center stone and the local jeweler sets that.  


No clue what your number may mean.  Perhaps a series number or a reference to the weight of one or more diamonds in the piece.


Any competent appraiser should be able to answer this sort of thing, and if you're just wondering if the stones are diamond or not, most jewelry stores or pawn shops have a tester for that that they'll do for free.

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Thank you so much for the information. The piece that states "32" is a simple solitaire engagement ring, if that helps.

I'll be having these tested today, actually! I was just curious, as when doing research on these I didn't see a single "faux" diamond (at least represented as faux).  Thank you!!

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