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Advice Looking For A $1500-$2000 Diamond

David Boston

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I've been researching as much as I can about diamonds. But I still feel like I am in over my head. My budget for the diamond is between 1500 and 2000. Size is not a huge concern, but I would like to find something that is eye clean, and really shines.  


Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I have attached an image of the setting that is being used for the engagement ring. 


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Size is really what's driving the bus here.

For most people and with most stones, the boundary for 'eye clean' is SI1 or SI2.

They start to see color at H-I-J

Working backwards from that, SI2/j/excellent for $1500 puts you at about 0.70 cts. in a highly competitive dealer. 


Now you get to make some decisions.  If you want to step back from the edge of the cliff a little bit and go for an SI1 or a VS, or move color up to, say, G, you're going to need to drop your size.  look at 0.50's.  


Do you already have the setting?  The prongs for a 0.50 are different than the prongs for a 0.70.  Assuming you have it, where did you get it?  

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That looks fine.  The tricky part at this point is always the matter of narrowing down that list.  That 211 thing is remarkably typical  People do it with different strategies and there's nothing that you would call the right answer.


First, choose your dealer.  Nearly everyone can get what you're looking for so decide who you want to work with.  Click through to their sites, read their terms and conditions, maybe visit their stores if they have one.   Then ask them for their advice on which stone to choose.  


Make sure it will work with your mounting.  Whoever sold the mounting and/or whoever is going to be setting it should be able to help.  There are some strong reasons to buy at least the mounting and the labor from the same source and, when possible, the diamond too.


Order it in and take a look at it.  Your only risk at this point is the shipping and some wasted time.  Take it for a walk around the block, show it to your friends, your mother and your own chosen expert.  It's not a done deal till you're happy.  Pay attention to the return policy so you can send it back if you have a problem and bear in mind that setting the stone usually voids your return privileges.


If it passes everything, have it set.  Pop the question.  Dance off into the sunset.

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