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Advice On Two 0.4Ct Diamonds


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hey guys, 


im trying to buy an engagement ring in the near future, where im on a budget of ~ 500€ for the stone.

I want a super sparkly stone thats around 0.4ct. dont care too much about clarity as long as its eye clean and ill prolly end up with a lower colour too to save money.


now here i found 2 stones and id like to hear ur opinion and preference about em.




0.41 ct GIA Triple Ex K SI1 H&A HCA 2.1 : 443€ 






0.41ct GIA Triple Ex K VS2 H&A  HCA 1.4 : 558€





Also i dont particularly care about the VS2 on the 2nd one i just happened to find that 1 with the specs i like.

sadly i most likely wont be able to get any additional information about the stones such as ideal scope or aset pictures so id have to buy em pretty much blind.


if there is anything else u need to know just ask.


let me know what u think and thx in advance :)


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hey, thx for ur reply, i generally think so too.

Also im not particularly interested into the brownish body colour, they just seem to be a bit cheaper overall.

As long as it appears pretty white i dont mind having the brownish tho as long as it gets me into my pricerange.


Also u said u prefer the 2nd ... also considering the ~25% extra cost would u still prefer it?


any more opnions are very welcome :)

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