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Blue Diamonds


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I had purchased a parcel of gemstones from jtv and that year for Christmas they were including blue diamonds in the mix....I have one...it is 1.6 cts I've put it through tests such as water drop, uv light, microscope, diamond tester....my question is since most diamonds should glow somewhat of blue under the uv light, what if a blue diamond which is lighter blue to start with, glows purplish blue and looks absolute fantastic??? How would you be able to tell about the worth of it before going to a jeweler for an appraisal so you have a heads up so to speak?

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Fluorescence will have no impact on the value (whether retail or resale) of your diamond. That's because the blue colour is not natural; the stone has been coated, irradiated and/or HPHT treated.


How do I know? Because a 1.60 untreated natural blue would be worth several tens if not hundreds of thousands, and it would not be part of an assorted JTV parcel.


A treated 1.60 will go from a few hundreds to a few thousands, depending on:


* How has it been treated?

* What is its clarity?

* How is it cut?

* What is the precise colour?


All of which requires access to the diamond, some equipment and expertise in operating it.

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0.53 carat, Fancy Blue, Round Shape, IF Clarity, GIA,


A magnificent 0.53 ct Fancy Blue Round Brilliant with a GIA Internally Flawless certificate. The diamond has a wonderful pure Blue face-up, and superb make, in the rarest shape in the fancy color diamond world. All of the specs to make this stone a highly sought after item. Price: 84,900 USD


Credit: Leibish & Co.





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