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Diamond Dilemma!


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Hi all,


I would be so grateful to have opinions on the following stone, which I am about 99% sold on, but still a bit scared to make the commitment as I am buying it from India and won't see it beforehand.  


It's a Colour I, SI1, 1.24ct Triple Ex stone with Faint fluorescence (which I am told can be a benefit in I colour stones).


Please note, I realise that I colour stones aren't the most desirable, but I have a setting already with smaller I-J colour diamonds and I would like it to match. I am also keen to have a bigger 'show' on my finger, hence taking a knock on colour and clarity to suit my budget.


The GIA report is attached and also a picture. It is reportedly has a 'clean top' (is this the same as eye clean?) there is no yellow-tinge but in their words has 'slight cloud' hence it's Clarity of SI1.


I would love for anyone with experience to comment on whether or not it's a good buy (I already know the cost is good) but I am more concerned about whether or not it will actually be beautiful based on the report. 


Thanks so much in advance!




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Faint fluorescence will do nothing at all.


"Slightly cloudy" is a lot more worrying than "a cloud that causes it to be graded SI1". Which is it?


Whether it's a good buy depends on what you are looking for. Proportions are fine on paper; they may say it has no yellow tinge, but it's an I colour and it is what it is. In the photo it looks slightly brownish, but it may just be the photo.

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Thank you very much for your input.


I am going to ask for clarification over the cloud issue as she says it has 'slight cloud' but it's not great english!


Can I ask, is I colour a serious crime as far as you are concerned? I agree it potentially looks a touch brown now you say it but was under the impression that an I colour GIA certified stone shouldn't be? In other words that their clarification of I is still in the colourless section?


Thanks again.

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Any colour is NOT a serious crime as far as I am concerned. The problem is what do you (or your intended recipient) view as a serious crime... ;)


In a 1.25 stone I colour may be visible through the side, even though a well cut diamond will look white through the top. The design and material of the setting may also have an influence on how much you see - and "what" you see, if the brownish tint is there in reality: a brown K may well look quite pink, set the right way:




This said, the brown tint may well be in the photo, but not at all there in reality!


FWIW, GIA calls "colorless" D-F, and G-J are "near colourless"; faint [yellow/brown/grey] starts at K. This is quite meaningless in my opinion, since while it's true that F is to all intents and purposes colourless, so is G, and you can get an M to look quite white if it is well cut and observed in isolation in the right light:




under less flattering (warmer/yellower) light:




So, back to your question: what colour becomes visible and when is more a question of environment (and to some extent of training and observation technique) than something to do with "which letter does it say on the report". This said, if you haven't seen diamonds of different colours in real life, do it now, before you sign on the dotted line. People's tastes vary.

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Thanks again for the information you have provided - such interesting reading! It really is so much to consider and take in...


I think my case is a bit unusual...I am actually looking for my own engagement stone! I had always told my now fiancée that I'd like to be able to choose my own ring, since I'm not a huge fan of a plain solitaire.  Now I am kind of beginning to regret that as it's become more of a challenge than I ever thought... 


We bought a setting (attached) which I love while on holiday last week in Barbados but the loose diamonds they had available seemed very highly priced, hence the decision to buy a stone online. They had a beautiful 1.06ct diamond (shown in the pic) with lots of fire and sparkle but it was way over budget and was still only an SI2, I colour EGL certified stone.  What I now know is that the unusual thing was the dimensions of the stone were 6.94x6.85x3.75mm which is much larger than any other 1.06ct stone I've seen. To get the same dimensions (which looked perfect in the setting) I am now having to look at 1.2ct stones which seem to be more around the 7mm mark.


The stone I initially asked about above has sold...not to me!  I am now being offered another, which they say is actually better than the last...it's Round SI2 H color 1.30 ct, 6.92 mm , EX EX EX No fluorescence.  She says it's 100% eye-clean but "have a little inclusion and slightly milky".....


Any advice greatly appreciated...!






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She says it's 100% eye-clean but "have a little inclusion and slightly milky".....


Any advice greatly appreciated...!

Skip. "Clarity grade based on clouds not shown" is what causes the "slightly milky". To me that's a big, big turn off. Nothing to do with SI2 per se: there are SI2 that are perfectly transparent, and those I like; but remove transparency in a diamond and (in my opinion) you remove the beauty, or much of it.


Beware of very spready stones - they usually have their own share of issues, which may not be apparent immediately, particularly in a very bright environment (Barbados).

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