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Is A Modification Really Needed On This Setting?


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Hello again folks!


I'm looking to ask maybe someone here who has experience with modifications and how jewelers modify rings.  Maybe if there happens to be a jeweler here with modifying experience?


I recently found a setting found at




And it states that this is for a round diamond.  It has a halo and a nest that holds the stone.


My diamond is a cushion cut hearts and arrows 1.0 length/width ratio stone.  Similar to a hearts and arrows round diamond.


Is a modification for my stone really that necessary for the $150 fee they want to charge me?  Wouldn't the 4 prongs be in the same position as a round compared to a cushion cut with rounded corners?


I have pics of my cushion cut from another post.  See attachment.


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No idea. We'd need to see the setting in real life and how the diamond fits into it. To be honest, if they are asking you only for £100/$150 and are taking responsibility for how the ring comes out, I'd jump at the chance. "Adapting" things designed for a different shape is at best a headache, at worst a recipe for a dissatisfied customer.


Incidentally, I'm even more sceptical about having a different shape halo and centre (which seems to be the case in the "design" here: round centre, rounded square halo), but you may be going in the right direction (according to me) anyway.

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Thanks Davidelevi for the opinions and comments.  I too agree that going with a rounded square halo and a rounded cushion will flow.  I hope the jeweler does a great job on the adaptation.


I was also thinking of asking for photos BEFORE they ship it out to make sure it sits right and is flush with the little stones in the halo.

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It won't be flush. The crown of the centre will be significantly higher than the halo stones if the diamond is set correctly. What you want ideally is for the girdle of the centre stone to be set leaving the minimum possible gap to the metalwork. I'm doubtful about whether this can be achieved without a custom setting, but they should be able to get reasonably close.

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