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Advice On Diamond


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I wanted to get someone's opinion on this diamond. 


I had a concern about the fluorescence which is strong blue. I've been doing some reading and feel like someone people are concerned with it and others aren't.

I provided a screenshot of the GIA report.  Is it not recommended given the other characteristics of the diamond?


I also wanted to know if there were any other factors that I should be concerned with.


Thank you for your time and considersation.




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The issue with fluorescence is nothing to do with the other characteristics of the diamond; some strongly fluorescent diamonds become hazy/opaque in UV-rich environments. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen, which is why all SF/VSF go for a discount. Whether that one does is something you can only find out by seeing it (or asking the vendor to see it).


The rest seems fine and without any particular risks. Why a VVS?

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Thank you for the quick response!  Great to hear that it doesn't really seem like a reason for me to concerned. 


I chose the VVS because it was in my price range along with the color, weight, and cut. I thought that since the color and cut were towards the top end of the scale, a VVS may be an area to save money vs a F/IF? I wanted to make sure that no one would be able to notice any inclusions with the naked eye.


Is this the right thought process? Is it more common for buyers to go with F/IF? VVS? or VS?

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To be sure, no one will notice inclusions in a GIA VVS stone.  Then again, they wouldn't see them in a VS2 either.  In fact, mostly people probably wouldn't even see anything in an SI2 although that may include some issues of lighting and knowing what to looking for.   By all means get a VVS if you want, but it will have no effect on the 'eye visible' issue to move down by a grade or 3. 

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