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Advice On This Diamond


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Hello!  First, thank you in advance for reading this posting!


I am interested in buying this .96 Leo Round Fancy Brillant Cut diamond online.


E/VS2 - Polish/Symmetry: Ideal, 6.41x6.39x3.93mm, fluorescence: Negligible - LEO and AGSL inscribed on diamond.


Would this be a good deal at $5000-$6000 dollars?  And I am a little hesitant buying online but my bit of research I've done you can get a great quality diamond for substanially less money. 


Thoughts?  Thank you!!



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On Leo cut vs. a traditional brilliant... search the forum. There's definite pros and cons (and in my opinion the cons outweigh the pros).


On this specific stone... not enough info on cut to comment; are the colour/clarity grades BY AGSL? It wouldn't be the first time that a stone is sent (and inscribed) by a lab, then re-graded by another lab. If it is an AGS E/VS2, at $5-6k from a dealer it sounds like a very reasonable price.

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Leo is a brand owned by the same company as Jareds, Kays and several other stores that may be familiar with.  Is that who is selling it?  If so, and you are uncomfortable shopping with them online, see if they'll send the stone to a nearby store where you can have a look before you buy.  I don't know their policies specifically but a lot of these big chain operations are pretty cooperative about this request.


Beating their price is not difficult and yes, you can get nice diamonds elsewhere for less.  Then again, you can't get the Leo brand so the first question is what sort of premium, if any, are you willing to pay for that?


If it was graded relatively recently you can look up that inscription number on the AGSL website to see what they called it.  www.agslab.com.

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Probably not, but I don't particularly like the look of the Leo's.  That's why I asked.  The right price on the wrong thing is no bargain.  On the other hand, if a Leo is what you're looking for, that's thousands less than you would have to pay for a 'new' one and there aren't hundreds of them to choose from on the secondary market.  It may be a while before another one comes along that meets your specs.


Make sure to include an independent appraisal in the deal.   In this case I mean someone working for you, not them.  The issue has to do with condition more than price.  A careful and microscopic inspection is called for. 

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