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Opinon On Aset For Round 1.22 H Strong Blue Gia Excellent


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Either the ASET image is tilted or the IS one is (see the asymmetry under the table and in the arrows that doesn't exist in the IS image but is relatively easy to see).


In any case, I find reflector images useful in comparison to one another (and when taken in relatively consistent conditions); in isolation they don't say much.


The diamond seems fine, though not the most symmetrical of cuts and it has a small amount of leakage under the table, between 12 and 3 o'clock. Does it matter? Only in comparison to other stones, and in any case you may like the greater contrast between bright and darker areas...

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Thanks for the helpful response, David. The light leakage was also my point of concern and one that I thought may be because of the angle in which the diamond was placed at. If you may, I've included a link to the gia report below. Can you please provide your feedback on that repoet? The asking price for the diamond is $7.7k.


Thanks again!

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The report contains no red flags. To be honest, neither do the reflector images, but it is a question of how important are "perfect symmetry" and on-axis reflection for you. They aren't to most people - or not beyond the extent demonstrated by this stone.


If I may: why a VVS1? And a strongly fluorescent one?

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I had chosen VVS1 to further insure myself of the best clarity (within reason) since my initial understanding was that the website did not offer any pictures of the actual diamond (similar to Blue Nile). I had chosen strong blue since the color is H and I've read that a blue luminescence would help the diamond appear brighter/whiter.


 Only until after inquiry did i realize that i was able to request an ASET as well as an IS. Would you have any other recommendations for stones? I found the previously mentioned diamond using your diamond search feature.  


My budget is within 10k and i am looking for the best value at ~1.2-1.3 carats. 


Thanks again!

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1) If you want to insure yourself against unexpected clarity issues, VS1 is more than plenty enough. 99.99%+ of VS2 are eye clean, and most SI1 are eye clean too.


BTW, the best (and the best value-for-money) insurance against anything "unexpected" is a good return policy, not overspecification.


2) A correctly graded H will be white regardless of any blue fluorescence. In any case, any effect due to fluorescence will only be there when there is enough UV radiation to make the fluorescence active, which in practice means one place only: outside in a sunny day. If you insist, we can add tanning salons, discos and some sterilisation rooms - not a set of places where a diamond is generally worn.


In addition, since the amount of blue added by the fluorescence will vary with the amount of UV, there will be times when a slight blue tinge may become visible, since there will be more blue than yellow.


If you like the idea of blue fluorescence and are not worried that the stone may turn milky/hazy, then by any means go ahead. The chances of this happening are very low (about the same as getting a non-eye-clean VS2), but that's something most people worry about. The solution - as above - is a good return policy.


Some possibly useful photos here:




That diamond is perfectly fine; you are just "overpaying" for things that you won't see and taking a very slight chance of having to return it because you don't like what strong fluorescence looks like.


Final point: since you refer to "your [my] diamond search feature" - I don't own the site. I work for a jeweller (Diamonds by Lauren) and I post here to help people.

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